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歐洲冇撚得救 自己國家俾武肺害得咁慘,死傷無數,仲講做生意 西藏、新疆、香港,我當唔關你事 自己嘅國民條命唔緊要得過生意貿易 呢段都好興://.@JosepBorrellF was asked if EU should follow UK to provide “pathways to citizenship” for Hongkongers who want to leave. “I don’t see there are people escaping from HK. For the time being EU member states -no one has taken any decision about that. UK has a special responsibility”// 仲有啊唔叫大陸起歐洲駐兵?點解美帝減駐兵又unacceptable?美帝喎,Trump喎 而家終於明典解Brexit,個天整定 from […]

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Kimono Couture: The Beauty of Chiso

November 7, 2020 to January 31, 2021

The first ever exhibition outside Japan of historic and contemporary kimonos from the collection of Chiso—the distinguished Kyoto-based kimono house founded in 1555—will include 14 kimonos from the mid-1600s to 2000s. Also on display will be an original, handcrafted contemporary wedding kimono specially commissioned by the Worcester Art Museum with motifs inspired by New England foliage and the seven hills of Worcester. This kimono will feature new and traditional design and fabrication techniques—some of which are now practiced by only a few remaining artisans.

Kimono Couture gives a rare and up-close look at the intricacy, character, and artistry of kimono design and fabrication in one of Japan’s most exclusive kimono houses.

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