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🌹 Born to be parents – together in RL…

They would make beautiful babies❤️

有線新聞 i-Cable News 2020-06-21T11:27:23.000Z

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中國官媒認了!三峽庫區水位持續上漲 超出防洪水位近2公尺 – 國際 – 自由時報電子報 2020-06-21T11:26:19.000Z

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NHK WORLD-JAPAN Chinese 2020-06-21T09:08:20.000Z

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Peaceful protester removed by police for alleged trespassing in front of Trump rally venue 2020-06-21T03:30:53.000Z

//WATCH: Sheila Buck, a 62-year-old peaceful protester was arrested and dragged by police officers outside of President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma while wearing a shirt that said, “I can’t breathe.” “Somebody has to do this,” Buck told authorities in a now-viral video.// from Facebook via IFTTT

English Heritage 2020-06-21T03:23:48.000Z

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