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Now feels like as good a time as any to post this. I took this video on 9/7/17, the day Cait had a spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. This was during Outlander S3 Promo Week in NYC. I’ve been hanging onto it for a little while.

A few of us (@@queencaitrionaand @superfluffycool and I) went to stand outside the back door of Colbert to hopefully see Cait when she arrived/left the show. She didn’t get to stop and say hi on her way inside, so we waited an hour or so to hopefully be able to see her on her way out. What we didn’t know at the time was that she would be rushing from Colbert to get to the Calvin Klein fashion show downtown, so she wouldn’t be able to stop.

Her team came out before her: her hair stylist, publicist, etc. You can see them gathered on the street there. Someone who knows more than I do can probably point out and label them individually. And guess who was among them? Personal Assistant of the Year, Tobrian McGill, standing there waiting with the other members of Cait’s professional team. As soon as I spotted him, I started recording.

When Cait came out, she bid farewell to her team and got into straight the car to leave. Did not pass Go, did not collect $200. No one accompanied her aside from, obviously, her driver. T left with the rest of her team. You can’t see much of this, but her car/the door/Cait are all to the left of the frame.

In the video, you can hear @superfluffycool and I talking. SFC was understandably confused and annoyed at the sight of T. Then I pointed out that he was not getting in the car with her, and that’s when we kind of started to freak out. A boyfriend would get in the car. A boyfriend would, at the very least, see her inside the car – as, I should point out, we have seen Sam do for her multiple times. A boyfriend, even if he were not attending the fashion show with her, would get dropped off at their hotel (or wherever his next stop was) in the same shared car. T did not. He was clearly there for a professional obligation.

I’m sure that Cait and T are great, close friends. In this industry, it’s hard to have a personal assistant that’s isn’t a trusted friend – especially if you have big secrets. But is he anything more than that to her? I wouldn’t bet a penny on it. His behavior and body language – in this video and the recently posted fan pic – show absolutely no indication that they are romantically interested in each other. Frankly, it’s the exact opposite of what we see with Cait and Sam. It’s that easy, and it’s why I’m still shipping: I have eyes.

Reblogging again just because

Job ad

Part of the remit will be assistant duties to include errands such as: home / work life diary organisation and management, shopping, researching, travelling where required, attending events and networking sessions.

@queencaitrionahere’s Tony as Caitriona personal assistant 

That video clip of Tony waiting on the sidewalk for Caitriona to come out of the building……then driving off without him and leaving him on the sidewalk alone….was the defining moment for me to know their “engagement” is totally fake.  Do you think for one minute she would have done that to Sam?  Never. This story has reached the end of its “shelf life” and time to toss it.


This was such an interesting BTS moment to catch. Can’t help but go hmmm….

Sam’s sister leaves her ‘hubby’ standing on the sidewalk…


Reblog for this classic! Cait getting in the car and leaving him there with the help. Ahhh …. true love .. ain’t it grand and such a beautiful, heart warming thing to watch.

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Tony must have called dibs on the window because two guys got out after she did and only then the dashing fiancé.  Off she goes to be escorted in by her friend Colbert and he walks off without a backwards glance.  She could have tripped and fallen flat on her ass for all he knew.  I’m really baffled by the true fans who think this is an okay way to run a relationship 

I know this is just a snapshot in time. But how many snapshots exactly like this do we have now? Don’t people want her to have a significant other that appears to take care of her in public? He doesn’t even give her a second glance as he walks away. Compare and contrast this with Sam at the Savannah premiere, who left the stage before she did and WAITED FOR HER, put his hand on the small of her back, and escorted her down the stairs.


This is how you treat the woman you love 💕 (Trimmed my original video, but Tumblir would only allow me to reblog 3 seconds 🙄)


Sam is always there for her. A true gentleman 


I think @jamesandclairefraser​ gif?

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2,292 Plants Fill the Audience in Opening Performance at Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu

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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 THIS!!!!


Sherri is totally right about this one.


Right?! 🙄


Nobody wants to watch Sam and Cait tell us they are like siblings, and then watch Jamie and Claire fuck.

Regardless of separating actors from characters, those aren’t two narratives you want in your audiences head at the same time.

They should have stuck with BFFs. At least THAT wouldn’t have such gross crossover.

*not to mention how it is gaslighting and rewriting history.

It’s gross it’s hilarious it’s ridiculous.

<p>Remember when after working all day Sam and Cait did a thank you q&a for the PCA they won (season 3)? and then Cait later that night accidentally tweeted that “no ☔️” to Sam? Are we supposed to believe she wanted her “brother” to pop over to the nearest convenience store, pick up some condoms, and run them over to her house so she could have sex with her band manager bf? Really?</p>

😂😂 Ahhh, good times, yes. You know you’re overtired and/or had too much to drink when you accidentally tweet instead of texting. He wanted to take her home from the set that night and she had promised to wear the kilt too. 🤷‍♀️

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