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Japanese traditional room, Washitsu 和室.  Photography by TR3 PG@さんon photohito

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When an Elephant gives birth 


This is amazing. I mean, I get it is instinct and meant to protect the growth of the herd. But all I see are grandmas, aunties, and cousins gathering to love and support.

It also shocks me everytime how absolutley helpless human babies are at birth.

cb4tb: Drive By Musing: Writing the ScriptI had a couple of people ask me about this last night…


Drive By Musing: Writing the Script

I had a couple of people ask me about this last night -What do I mean when I say Don’t write the script.

  Here’s an example.  We used to be very open about why we didn’t believe Sam and the UBA whenever there was  fuckery.   Either it’s because one of them did this or didn’t do that.  And literally (sometimes within 24-48 hours), they would make that correction  Basically, we wrote the script for the next page of the narrative.   Usually it was to calm an anon or more likely, multiple anons.  But it happened too many times to be a coincidence.

Here’s another example. Yesterday I got an Anon talking about a blurb by the rookie innuendo weekend “wedding” planner advertising her business on one of those sites where Brides can look for all kinds of wedding vendors. She mentioned she did the “wedding” of both Cait and the maestro making sure she got in his new job title in there managing a band which he didn’t manage last Summer. (I guess she was told it was ok to break the NDA.) But she spelled Cait’s name wrong and I pointed that out. This morning I woke up to find the misspelling was corrected! Now she could have noticed it herself or a friend could have mentioned it to her on that small site, but kind of a funny coincidence wouldn’t you say? I figured that wasn’t really writing the script because the event had passed, but I guess take no chances. They don’t get the concept of making corrections like that makes it even more suspicious, not less.

It’s become too obvious that we’re not alone, especially when they put something out there to push the narrative along.   So, I often don’t post anons that I can’t answer without writing the script.  Or you’ll see me be obnoxious by commenting on a post Don’t write the script when I see someone doing it.  And if you do see someone has written the script, either in the anon or answering the anon-don’t reblog it!  People have gotten really good about not falling for clickbait.  Use that same way of thinking.

Let them work for it, don’t spoon feed them.  It’s just going to get harder with all these newbie shippers so my suggestion/request is to stick to the history and the warehouse of receipts when giving them context. 

But don’t write the script!

Mini Musing: Guilty Pleasures


I’m reading Guilty Pleasure which is the sequel to
Blind Item.  The book is written by two men, one a former Hollywood
tabloid writer and one a former Hollywood publicist.  They say the
stories all happened but in some cases, they blended stories.  Names are
obviously changed.  It’s written like a story, not a non-fiction expose of Hollywood but they get their points across just as well. 

In the current section that I’m reading,  they are given the
popular actor a fake girlfriend to distract from other problems he had.   The
chapters are pretty enlightening as to the process.  Some interesting

-The NDA, that was signed by all (including publicists, agents and managers in addition to the fake girlfriend) was done in a private meeting and had a $10M
penalty if you broke it.

-They were having issues with the thirsty actress who was
hired to be in the girlfriend in not cooperating by wanting to post
stuff on her social media.  She had done the fake girlfriend thing
before but this was her first A-lister so the rules were different. She annoys everybody but is also smart as a fox and knows what she wants out of this.

Magazine was given the heads up prior to the first “go public” with a
written statement drafted by the publicist including quotes from both
parties (also written by the publicist).

-It was considered a
visual relationship only.  When they went to Golden Globe parties, she
was to stay there for 30 minutes to have her pictures taken with him and then
leave.  Repeat at next party.  Under no circumstances were they to do
interviews together or discuss each other in interviews.

-The fake girlfriend was to be given a part in the next super hero movie after the contract expired.

-The manager and agent referred to her in private discussions as “the vehicle”.  I guess UBA and VPO weren’t such bad nicknames after reading that.

was a comment in the mind of the actor’s young publicist when they walked in the room about her feeling badly for him having to stare at a panel
of people who were about to tell you what to do with your life for the
next year. 
(Sounds like something someone might use a cave or a cage to reference, no?)



sincerelyfraser:I’ll find you.


I’ll find you.

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