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jonsnows:Mrs. Graham had warned me not to chase ghosts, and so I…


Mrs. Graham had warned me not to chase ghosts, and so I hadn’t. But now that I was here, the ghosts were starting to chase me.

everythingfox: Sometimes you just have to drop everything and…


Sometimes you just have to drop everything and watch cartoons(via)

*DRAGONFLY IN AMBER SPOILERS* okay so I have baby fever and I need closure. Imagine Jamie somehow gets to see/hold Faith before she’s buried.

He’d hovered in the doorway, watching with a sort of horror as his world fell to pieces. My fault, he thought. This is all my fault. 

They’d cleaned them both up, Claire and the baby. The sisters had done a good job, but it wasn’t enough. Claire looked like she was half dead, as pale as the bright white sheets on which she lay, her face gaunt and dark circles under her eyes. How long had those dark circles been there? Should he have noticed them before? Could he have been around more, made sure she was getting more sleep? Could he have– No. It all came down to this. 

“You must go to her,” said a voice behind him. One of the sisters, giving him a gentle nudge toward his wife. “She will need you now.” 

Will she? Haven’t I done enough? he wondered silently. Jamie glanced back at the woman and nodded, pushing away from the wall. But he hovered there, afraid to move. But then Mother Hildegard had come out with a tiny bundle in her arms. He strode forward immediately, heart in his throat and tears burning his eyes. There was no question as to what the woman held. Who. 

“You need to see,” she was saying to Claire. “Open your eyes and see your daughter.”

“A daughter?” he choked, a single tear escaping to roll down his cheek. Jamie reached for the little bundle, carefully taking the child into his arms and cradling her against his chest. A soft sob tore free from his throat and he pressed his forehead to the tiny one of his daughter. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, mo maise.” 

He pressed a kiss between her little eyes, then looked to Claire, whose eyes were open, gaze blank as she watched him. Jamie leaned down and gently lay the baby atop her chest before bringing her arms (God, when had they become so thin?) up so she could cradle their daughter. “She’s beautiful, Claire. Look at her. Please?”

Slowly, her head tipped down and her fingers, so long and slender, gripped at the bundle of blankets. A muscle in her jaw twitched as she clenched her teeth tightly, but her eyes flooded with tears that overflowed immediately. She said nothing, but Claire lifted her head, neck struggling to hold the weight of it, and pressed a kiss to one tiny cheek. And then she closed her eyes, arms falling away just slowly enough for Jamie to take the baby back into his arms. 

He carried his daughter into the little chapel, held her while the priest prayed over her and baptized her. Faith. Faith Fraser, who looked just like her mother. Jamie wondered if they’d have had the same eyes, too.

He stood by the small hole in the ground and watched as Faith was laid to rest. And he cried. He cried for Faith, for Claire, for himself- foolish man that he was. When the grave was covered, Jamie knelt at the end of the freshly turned earth and pressed his forehead to the cool dirt. “Watch over us, mo nighean. Never leave us, aye?” He straightened and gazed down at her grave, then reached out to lay down the single flower he’d plucked from the garden. “Bring her back to me,” he pleaded in a whisper. “Dinna let her drift in the darkness.”

With a deep breath, Jamie stood and turned away. He could do nothing for Faith now, but he would find a way to bring Claire back. He couldn’t lose her, too.

philosophybits: “Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the…


“Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper is the impression it makes.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer, “On Authorship and Style”, Parerga and Paralipomena

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