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I knew you belonged here, with me, almost since the first time I laid eyes on you. That’s one of the reasons I agreed to marry you. Though, not the main one. 

everythingfox:Cat wants to join in(via)

everythingfox:Cat wants to join in(via)

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Our Story: Chapter One

Life has been running a mile a minute and I feel like it’s been a century since I’ve contributed to ~Outlander fandom/fic discourse~. So! To get back into the swing of things, I’m going to re-post an old AU of mine: Our Story (shout out to @gotham-ruaidh​ for giving me the courage).

I’ve chosen this one because A) I’m proud of it; it’s the only multi-chapter fic I’ve ever finished, but also B) it’s basically a timeline of my first year in NYC, which will (maybe?) make for some interesting commentary. I’ll post a chapter every other day and include my self-indulgent author notes at the bottom (songs, anecdotes, whatever dumb shit I come up with).

Yes, you can read the entire fic on Ao3 … but what’s the fun in that? ;)

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A ‘juban’ (under-kimono) made of kinsha (very fine crepe) silk. This garment features an unusual shishi-mai-head ( head of shishi dance equipment) motif. Late Meiji (1880-1911), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery

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This Kitty Learning To Groom 


<p>High hopes.</p>

Brian and Ellen AU / Tell Me About Your Family

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 || Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12|| Chapter 13 || Chapter 14 || Chapter 15 || Chapter 16


“…but the fairy couldnae return to the place where she had come from, because sadly the magic door between the stones had disappeared.”

Snug in their bed, Faith and Brianna gasped. “But why, Da?”

Sprawled on one side of the bed, arm tightly holding his daughters, Jamie sighed. “Because the magic door was only open at certain days of the year. And sadly, the day that the fairy returned to the stones was one of those days.”

Faith’s dark brows furrowed. “So what did she do? The bad man in red was chasing her!”

“Do ye remember how the fairy had made friends wi’ the hunter?”

Brianna nodded. “He kept her safe when she was sad and lost.”

“Weel – the hunter had gone to the stones wi’ her, just in case there was a problem. And sure enough, he was there to help her.”

“So where did they go, Da?”

He smiled slightly. “Would ye believe that he wrapped her up in his plaid and took her home wi’ him, to a secret place where no’ even the bad men could find them?”

“Yes,” Faith yawned. “Because Lallybroch is that place for you, Da. Aye?”

His heart clenched.

“Aye, lass. It is.”

He found Claire in her stillroom downstairs, checking entries in her meticulous ledger.

“Is he asleep?”

Briefly she looked up, then returned to her work, scanning the cramped pages. “Yes – he was a bit fussy, but all is well. What about the girls?”

He leaned over to kiss her forehead. “Giggling like wee fiends. They’ll tire themselves out eventually.”

She stood up straight, and slung her arms around his shoulders. Pulled him closer for a long, slow kiss.

“Mmm. You taste like herbs,” he breathed against her lips.

“And you taste like salt.” Quickly she kissed him again. “Sweat or tears?”

He swallowed. “A bit of both.”

She kissed his chin. “All will be well.”

He pressed his cheek against hers, whispering terrified words in her ear.

“What if it doesnae work? They will know I am here. I’m an outlaw. I’m a danger to all of ye. What if they come to arrest me, and take you away from the bairns? What if – ”

“Hush.” She pulled back to look at him, framing his face between her hands, eyes intent in the candlelight. “One day at a time. What if it does work, Jamie? What about then?”

His eyes were so wide, glassy with tears and fright. “I cannae live wi’out you, Claire. Wi’out my family.”

“You won’t need to,” she insisted. “We have right on our side.” She paused, trailing a finger down the side of his neck in a way she knew would make him shiver.

“I am here with you, right now, beyond all logic and reason and possibility. Our children exist because we defied all of the rules. And we love what we have because we have fought for it, so desperately.”

He nodded, sighing. Heart and mind racing.

“I want to give ye so much more than I have, Claire.” His voice was low, quiet. “More than a life as an outlaw’s wife, living on a remote farm. You deserve something…grander. For all you have sacrificed.”

Carefully she swept her ledger, quill, and assorted bottles to one side of the table, and sat on the edge of the cleared side. Holding her husband’s work-roughened hands. Looking up at him.

“I want what I have. I love our life – I don’t need anything else. And you’ve given me so many things I never thought I’d have. Your family. Our family that we’ve made together.”

She pulled him down for an affirming kiss. Tore her mouth away, to whisper in his ear. 

“You’ve given me yourself. The gift I never thought I’d have.”

She felt the shiver echo through his body.

“And I give you myself in return. Now. Please.”

He seized her mouth. She wrapped her legs around his hips. She kissed his smile.

Ellen was in bed, reading, when Brian finally made his way upstairs.

“What took you so long?” She set aside her spectacles and lay them atop the book on her bedside table, stretching.

He bolted the door and kicked off his boots. “Was going over the ledgers wi’ Ian. Jamie had promised to be there, but he disappeared into Claire’s stillroom.”

She smiled. “I’m so glad they have each other, now especially. This waiting…it’s excruciating.”

Brian unbelted his breeks. “Aye, and it’s only been two weeks. No word from Ned, either. I dinna ken if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

“Aye. I’m glad Rab went wi’ him, though. He can advocate for Jamie if Ned can’t. And truth be told – I worry for Ned.”

Brian slid into bed beside her. “When he comes home, wi’ Jamie’s pardon – we need to do something for him.”

Ellen sighed. “Aye. But let’s no’ start planning for something that hasnae happened.”

“Yet,” he insisted.

She nodded. “Ever the dreamer ye are, Brian Fraser.”

He smiled. Christ, when he did that she felt like a lass again.

“I’ve had many a dream in my life, Ellen MacKenzie. But all the most important ones have you in it.”

She lay her hand on top of his.

“Though,” he added, “I do often wonder whether ye regret that I couldnae offer ye a life better than that of a crofter’s wife. I do remember the castle ye were born in.”

She squeezed his hand. “The life you have given me, mo dhu – it’s far richer than any I could have ever dreamed of.”

He kissed her forehead, then her temple – and buried his face in the red curls that had made his heart sing since the first time he saw her, thousands of lifetimes ago on that night at Leoch.

“I do love you, my own,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she whispered. “More than reason.”

In the dark of their rented room above a London tavern, Rab Fraser listened to Ned Gowan rehearse his remarks for the ninth time.

“…regardless of the fact that James Fraser was indeed on Culloden Moor on that fateful day, he was only there due to the willful forgery of his signature by the pretender who His Majesty’s court is currently petitioning the Vatican to extradite…”

Rab rubbed his eyes wearily. 

Tomorrow would decide everything.

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