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lovinghk: (above: joshua wong’s twitter | 4 spe 2020)Why…


(above: joshua wong’s twitter | 4 spe 2020)

Why activists are calling for a boycott of ‘Mulan’ because of events in Hong Kong

(source: washington post | 5 sep 2020) 

Calls for #BoycottMulan consequently reignited this week amid the movie’s release. This time, pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong, in addition to nearby Taiwan and Thailand, have been leading the charge.

What did Liu Yifei say?

Liu, who is a naturalized American citizen but moved back to China as a teenager, shared a post from a state-run Beijing newspaper on the Chinese social media site Weibo which expressed support for the Hong Kong police’s heavy-handed response to pro-democracy protesters.

“I also support Hong Kong police. You can beat me up now,” she wrote in Mandarin. “What a shame for Hong Kong,” she added in English.

The comment “you can beat me up now” was probably a reference to an incident in which protesters that month assaulted a Chinese state-media reporter, who reportedly said the phrase during the altercation.

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