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lovinghk: EXCLUSIVE: Only 17% of Hongkongers approve of…


EXCLUSIVE: Only 17% of Hongkongers approve of proposal to allow HK election voting in China despite Lam claim – HKFP-PORI poll

(source: hong kong free press | 27 oct 2020)

Reports say that the government intends to let Hongkongers living in the Greater Bay Area – consisting of Hong Kong, Macau and nine mainland cities including Shenzhen and Guangzhou – to cast ballots in next September’s Legislative Council (LegCo) election. Voters currently must be physically present in Hong Kong on polling day.

an-gaol-seo-ol:outlandvoyager: Outlander Season 1 promotional…



Outlander Season 1 promotional photos.

I haven’t seen some of these. 😍🤩❤️

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There are other forces at work in this world besides the will of evil.”

Best go vote add I’ve seen, maybe ever

I’ve been repeating this quote to myself almost every day for a couple years now.

Images description: Text
of Frodo and Gandalf dialogue (movie version) overlaid over scenes of 2020
events. Breakdown below to compare with movie clip: Breakdown below:  

Overhead view of a coronavirus patient being moved over a
cobblestone road by staff in hazmat suits: “I wish the ring had never come to
me.” (Photo credit: Kim Chul-Soo/EFE)

2.       Over a photo of a
firefighter walking in the remains of a forest completely engulfed in flames: “I
wish none of this had happened.” (Photo credit: Daniel Knox/Horsley Park Rural
Fire Brigade)

3.       “So do I” over
the smoldering Beirut port (Photo credit: Lorenzo Tugnoli, The Washington

4.       “And so do all
who live to see such times”: riot police pepper spraying two unarmed
protestors (Photo credit: Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

5.       “But that is not
for them to decide” Exterior photo of The White House, Washington, D.C. at
night (Photo source unknown, likely stock photo)

6.       “All we have to
decide” overhead image of line protestors with front line of umbrellas standing
across from police or other state actors in riot gear.  Location likely
Hong Kong

7.       “Is what to do”
side view of unarmed protestors yelling, many with fists raised in air at
sheriff’s deputies in Hennepin County, Minnesota (Photo credit: Zachary
Boyden-Holmes, Des Moines Register,

“With the time given to us” Woman at ballot booth, face hidden by booth
with prominent U.S. flag and vote sign.  (Photo credit: Justin
Merriman/Getty Images/AFP)

by-grace-of-god: “Death blowing bubbles,” 18th century. The…


“Death blowing bubbles,” 18th century. The bubbles symbolize life’s fragility. This plaster work appears on the ceiling of Holy Grave Chapel in Michaelsberg Abbey, Bamberg, Germany. (+)

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