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Chapter 50 – Finish Line


A/N: I knew I was going to be emotional when posting this chapter. But I wasn’t quite as ready as I thought I was.

I’ve said what I needed to say in my chapter notes over on Ao3, so please excuse me for the lack of eloquence here.

As always, my gratitude.

@elizabeth-beauchamp​, for indulging all my paranoias about the tiniest details and sending the funniest voicemails.

@Sassysassenach for her artistry and her stickers when I need it most.

for everyone who reads this, for everyone who ever sent me a kind word, for everyone who loves this family as much as I do.

Thank you.

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Never before had Claire felt as utterly devoid
of warmth as this moment. The cold hadn’t hit her all at once, striking instead
with all the slyness and cunning of an evil stepmother. Crowning her with white
crystals and coating her lashes with diamond dust, its treacherous beauty beguiled
her into childlike wonder and compliant immobility. She only realised the
danger when it was already too late; when the ribbons of satin silver had eaten
their way through her clothes, seeping through her skin and gnawing at her

Left raw and
vulnerable to the rising winds, nose and toes were the first to turn into
useless blocks of ice. With her core temperature dropping from one low to the
next, she was soon too stiff even to shiver, muscles no longer obeying her
command as glacial gusts pulled at her hair and lashed at her face. Frozen to
the marrow, even the blood in her veins moved thick and sluggish, recalcitrant
to perform its essential duty. All she could do was sit and wait; watching with
a mixture of abject impotence and morbid curiosity as the walls of her
glittering tomb climbed higher and higher.

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