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I Will Find You (Chapter 24)


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Note: thank you all for your patience ❤ for all those that do not follow me closely on tumblr, and had no idea why i hadn’t updated in a while, rest assured, i am alright. just going through a rough period in my life, but i am not giving up on my fics– far from it, they bring me great joy!. but i cannot post something that i am not pleased with, i will not make an update just for the sake of continuity in posting schedule. i know it sucks having to wait for updates. whenever a writer i follow posts an update after more than a week i usually go back and re-read a couple of chapters just to freshen up the story, lest i forget something crucial. if you want, you can do that. writing really is a unique process for everyone and you really have to be in the right mindspace, creatively. that sometimes translates in parts of the story taking a bit longer to develop. kudos to those who finish their stories before posting them, i for one cannot do that. i just can’t wait to share each and every chapter with you once i’m done with it. i am obviously not a writer professionally, just doing this in my spare time at 3 am usually. ok, now that i got that out of the way, hope you enjoy the following chapter. thank you all again for your patience and continuous love for this story ❤ all your comments, kudos and reblogs make me want to keep writing and i am so grateful for you all! special thanks to my dear friend @courageousjs​ ❤

Chapter 24:

“Quite the odd choice for a picnic” Claire looked around and smiled frowningly as they were sitting on their blanket, enjoying their picnic, atop Craig Na Dun. The stones were standing tall around them, and they looked harmful enough, on that sunny day.

Brianna knew she was not supposed to tell anyone about the stones and their magic, and Jamie glanced at her warningly. He didn’t have the energy to keep up with their chatter, his mind was elsewhere. He’d come here for a very clear reason, and as soon as they settled down for their picnic he realized he couldn’t do what he’d planned on doing.

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Good Evening All! I have a new one-shot that was inspired by the horrific weather that recently swept across the U.S. It caused so much grief, suffering to so many people. I hope this would bring a smile to some faces. This was written with one particular person in mind (and you know who you are) and I’m glad you like it.

Thanks as always to @scubalass for the read through. Your suggestions were, as always, spot on. It made the final story so much better.

Status of Edinburgh to Boston: There is progress but it is painfully slow. There are two characters that are essential to this chapter whose voice I do not hear as well as I do Jamie and Claire. I write something, then I delete it and I do the same thing over and over. We will come to an understanding at some point so dinna fash.

There will be A/N at the end to explain words or terms.

Without further delay I give you Visions in the Snow.

Here goes nothing:


February 1968  – Boston

The responsibility for hosting this week’s poker game fell to Joe Abernathy.  He took his duties in this regard very seriously. It was the way the surgeons decompressed after a week of stressful surgical procedures and this week was no exception. 

“It must have been a full moon,” he thought. Motor vehicle accidents, stabbings, gunshot wounds, volvulus, a ruptured esophagus, the works. It was during these times that he dearly missed his friend. Claire. He cast his glance over to the card table set with one extra place, Claire’s place. On the seat was her green visor that she wore when she played poker with the boys. It sat in repose like a memorial to a fallen comrade.

Silly thing! She believed wearing it masked her glass face.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but none of her colleagues had the heart to tell her. They all knew what Claire Randall was thinking. So much so, they often let her win which caused her to think she was good at playing poker.

He glanced around the room and saw that everything was in readiness for the evening. The sideboard groaned beneath the bounty of food, snacks, and brews.  

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@eclecticstarlightconnoisseur is back…❤👏🌨

Okay – literal goose-bumps! So good! And that final twist – brava! 👏👏👏

<p>Hiii!!🤗I was wondering is Fast-Forward in ao3? I saw your post and links but I don’t like to read on my cell phone and I searched but couldn’t find </p>

Hi anon – Mod MBD hasn’t yet posted it to AO3. Re-posting the links here:

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Special Christmas Fast Forward of ‘Fast Forward’ | Part Twelve (labeled ? 😘) | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen



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“5 pigs and a pug”


thekimonogallery: “The kimono that my mother made when I was 25…


The kimono that my mother made when I was 25 is good, so let me show you …! The embroidery of Shochikuume’s congratulatory pattern, which is daunting, looks different depending on the viewing angle. The obi was given by my grandmother when I was an adult, and I dressed it as well.” BlueFire@_aoi_oi

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*Disclaimer: We tried our best to include every Soldier Jamie fic we could find, but we are human. Some may have slipped our minds or slipped through the cracks of our searches.

We also limited this list to fics in which Jamie is currently a soldier, or was a soldier at some point in the actual timeline of the story.

If your favorite Soldier Jamie fic doesn’t appear on the list below, please feel free to add it to the comments!* 

A String of Pearls by @cagedbirdsong

With his country caught in the throes of the second world war, Jamie Fraser enlists in the Royal Air Force. He expects a few solid years of travel and excitement, of chasing Germans and winning battles. But what he expects and what he gets are two different things. From the blooms of romance after a Friday night tryst to the muddy back roads of England, our young pilot is in for a lot more than he signed up for.

An Outlander Affair to Remember by @abbydebeaupreposts

Jamie and Claire’s lives change course when fate brings them together. Blindsided, in more ways than one, will they find the courage to let go of their past fears and illusions and learn once again to trust what their hearts tell them is true?

At the End of All Things by @diversemediums and @takemeawaytocamelot

Nurse Claire Beauchamp finds herself in a sticky situation in the middle of World War II. Captain James Fraser is there to get her back to her base, safe and sound. What happens in their time alone will surprise them both.

Behind Closed Doors by Ponderance

Jamie and Claire meet again under less than ideal circumstances.

He Was In the Course of Running Away From His Previous Life by @renee-writer

Claire meets Jamie as a patient, a soldier injured in a tank accident. (AO3 account needed to view)

His Girl by @listentothewordsyousay

Claire is a combat medic who is left at the altar by Special Forces captain James Fraser.

Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now by @gotham-ruaidh for @imagineclaireandjamie

Imagine if Jamie was a wounded soldier and Claire a combat nurse who met in a field hospital during the Vietnam War. 

Shadows in the Snow by @akb723

This is my Outlander secret Santa 2018 written for the incomparable kalendraashtar who asked for a Modern AU with a conflict that may or may not be resolved during Christmas.

Time is a Cold Wind by @mibasiamille

After his car breaks down in the middle of the Scottish wilderness, escaped soldier Jamie Fraser stumbles upon the standing stones of Craigh Na Dun. Desperate to avoid capture, he touches the stones and wakes up 200 years in the past, staring up at the ceiling of Claire Beauchamp’s cabin with a bullet in his leg. As she helps him recover, he notices something familiar about this strange woman, living alone at the base of a fairy hill. Once he discovers her origins, however, he must decide whether to tell her the truth and, alternatively, reveal to her the difficulties of his own plight.

The Gift by @thetranquilteal

Jamie has spent almost every night of his deployment yearning to be with his wife and newborn child. When he is given the opportunity to be home for Brianna’s first Christmas, however, he unexpectedly finds himself torn between the past, present and future.

The Long Way Back by @holdhertightandsayhername

In the summer of 1917, Claire Fraser finds a way back to her husband Jamie, haunted by his memories of the Great War in France. 

The Uncertainty of War by @desperationandgin

Jamie and Claire have a conversation while in the thick of World War 1.

Vergangenheit by @phoenixflames12

Vergangenheit (German)

English translation: The Past

Wracked with slowly worsening symptoms of tuberculosis and plagued with memories of his ordeal at Oflag VII-Cprison Camp, Captain Jamie Fraser embarks on the slow road to recovery with the help of Claire and their children.

A fantastic spread of fics!! 🙌🏻

Adding one of my absolute favorites — Save Tonight by @julesbeauchamp. If you haven’t read it, I can’t recommend it enough. These two own my heart. A summary below:

Stationed in France, Claire Beauchamp, a combat nurse, crosses paths with Lieutenant James Fraser. They spent one night together, stamping each other’s hearts for the rest of time.

There are also some wonderful Save Tonight ficlets as well, but read the original fic first! 😊

Grateful for these awesome fic writers!

Aw, thank you @lcbeauchampoftarth!!

Another soldier!Jamie is “In the Eye of a Hurricane” by @three-drink-amy and it goes like this: 

Six months after the end of the war, Jamie Fraser is still trying to readjust. He’s in the for the shock of his life one rainy night when who should show up at his home, but the nurse who saved his life, Claire Randall. Since they last parted, they’ve both learned how much the war changed them and those around them. Together, they’ll learn the dangers facing them after the war might be just as deadly.

One of my favourites. 

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