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saepho: Thich Nhat Hanh answering questions at Blue Cliff…


Thich Nhat Hanh answering questions at Blue Cliff Monastery, 2013

everythingfox: There was an attempt


There was an attempt

Imagine Jamie meeting uncle lamb

[Eloise comments: This is, as the prompt suggests, an AU in which Uncle Lamb didn’t die during WWII]

“I was told to come here.”

Jamie froze in the dining room at the sound of the words spoken in the clipped tones of an English accent, lending them a sense of threat.

“Who told ye ye aught to come here?”

The fear that prickled down his back faded a bit at the sound of Jenny being her usual prickly self. Normally when the Redcoats were about she was obliged to be more cautious and deferential.

Nonetheless, an Englishman being sent to Lallybroch did not bode well, so Jamie hastened outside.

“The Laird of Clan Mackenzie,” said the Englishman, brandishing his words as though they were a signed letter of introduction from the King of England himself.

“Colum Mackenzie sent ye here?” He asked, incredulous and now even more suspicious. Yet despite Colum’s anger at his marriage to Claire, surely he would not put them directly in harm’s way. That was Dougal’s domain.

Jamie studied the Englishman. If he did bear them a threat, it certainly wasn’t a physical one. He was of fair height, slim build, and a slightly tanned complexion, wearing strange brown breeks, vest and coat that looked most uncomfortable, with a red bow at his neck. His light brown hair was a familiar shock of messy curls.


Jamie had barely registered Claire’s excited exclamation before she’d passed him and thrown herself into the stranger’s open arms.


“Ah, is this Claire’s family, then?” Asked Ian, appearing at Jamie’s right and slightly out of breath.

“Aye. It must be her uncle Lamb.”

Though how it was that Claire’s wayward uncle had found her here, Jamie hadn’t the slightest idea.  

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