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Teine San Fhuil – A Downhill Ficlet


A/N: I’ve already let it slip here and there that I had another Downhill Ficlet up my sleeve, and, well, I guess here it is. I think this is the one I always thought would be the first thing I write, and one of those that most people asked for throughout the entire journey that was DH.
I struggled since the conception of the original story how exactly to do it, but there were one or two things in “Homecoming” that inspired a very productive creative nap one day, and I just had to sit down and write all of it down before it could slip away again.

Long story short, this was finished even before the second part of Homecoming, and while it’s not *fluff*, I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Though I am a wee bit late in making this a birthday present (tumblr notifications are at fault), I want to gift this ficlet to one of the most outspoken supporters of this wee family I’ve created.
Thank you so much, @motherofthree2312​, for cheering them on, for making me believe that the family I’ve created is worth waiting for.

as always, my gratitude to the people who help me put things into shape: @elizabeth_beauchamp, @holdhertightandsayhername​, @SassySassenach (moodboard magician)

[Downhill Masterlist Post]

“This way, please,” Brian said, leading today’s applicant for the radiologist position into Claire’s office. “Dr Fraser is terribly sorry, but she was held up. She’ll be joining us in a few—”

“Could I mebbe ha’ some tea while I wait?” The woman, dressed in a business-tan suit and a frilly silk blouse, cut him off with a platonic smile. “Decaf would be grand, if ye ha’ it.”

“Aye…aye, o’ course,” Brian assented, wiping any hint of surprise from his expression with a blink. “I was about tae offer. Milk and sugar?”

“Both, thank ye.”

“Coming righ’ up.”

Closing the door softly behind him, Brian set off with long strides towards the kitchen, from which a mildly harried-looking Claire emerged. Her golden gaze connected with his, white coat billowing out behind her as she rushed to meet him.

He held one hand up, answering the unspoken question in her eyes, “Dr MacKimmie is awready in yer office, a leannan.”

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thekimonogallery: Bingata, recycling of stencil dyeing Obi….


Bingata, recycling of stencil dyeing Obi. Kimono Hazuki 

charliebrown101:Everyone should have a dog in their life.

charliebrown101:Everyone should have a dog in their life.

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