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thekimonogallery: “Kimono, by Hiroko Takahashi, crepe silk…


Kimono, by Hiroko Takahashi, crepe silk (chirimen) with digital printing, Japan, 2009. The universal language of circles and straight lines is utilized to dramatic effect by Hiroko Takahashi. Takahash originally planned to make western-style clothing. In kimono, however, she found the perfect vehicle for her distinctive aesthetic that seeks to bridge fashion and art. She designs all her garments as unisex. (29/02/2020). Donated to the V&A by Hiroko Takahashi.” ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London 

Some costume parallels






Recently I’ve written on the many thematic and character parallels between 01×07 “The Wedding” and 01×16 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” – as well as the beautiful music parallels between 01×07 and 01×11 “The Devil’s Mark.”

I was re-watching 01×02 “Castle Leoch” the other day, and was really struck by how Jamie and Claire are wearing very similar clothing – and colors – in the amazing “She’s just a girl with spirit” scene.

Here’s Claire – wearing a brown top, punctuated by a white front, along with a gray/blue skirt:


Here’s Jamie – wearing a white shirt, brown waistcoat, and his blue/gray MacKenzie tartan:


It’s especially obvious in this gorgeous shot, where they face each other:

Am I reading too much in to this? Or are we supposed to think that just days after meeting each other, they’re already in sync?

Wasn’t Claire wearing clothes given her by Mrs. Fitz since she obviously had nothing but her white dress when found by Murtagh at the beginning ? Maybe Mrs. Fitz is already trying to play matchmaker in more ways than one !

This is very interesting. If you’ve ever read a site called Tom and Lorenzo, they used to do this same thing with each episode of Mad Men. It was a fascinating deep dive into character and costumes.

I think I’ve said it before but I had a theory about Claire’s wardrobe in Leoch.

She arrives in what highlanders think is a shift, right? So Mrs Fitz had to find some clothes quickly that suite her but she was (even in the books, more so in the series) much taller than an average woman at that time. No easy task. Besides, clothes didn’t grow on trees back then, they had to be made from scratch.

Now – who was a very tall woman that had to flee the castle with her lover, leaving most of her luxurious clothes behind? That’s right! Ellen McKenzie! I believe Claire was wearing Jamie’s mother’s clothes. Jamie himself didn’t have anything when he arrived from France, except the clothes he had on him (in bits and pieces), so he too received his two shirts and a vest from the McKenzie storehouse. No wonder they were in sync from day one :D

Ooh kanamadis I like this theory!!

hardblazesong:duch79:Here’s another thing I made. Outlander Monopoly. Because of pandemic boredom…



Here’s another thing I made. Outlander Monopoly. Because of pandemic boredom and just, why not.

It’s not terribly professional looking, it definitely has a hand-crafted look to it, but it works. It was fun searching for tokens that seemed appropriate to the story points. (There’s an Adso, a Clarence, and a White Sow token.) I especially like the Minister’s Cat cards (standing in for Chance & Community Chest).

Now I just have to find someone to play with me. 😆

This is really clever! Good Job!!

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