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nobrashfestivity: Werner Bischof, Courtyard of the Meiji…


Werner Bischof, Courtyard of the Meiji shrine, Tokyo, Japan, 1951

© Werner Bischof/Magnum Photos

thekimonogallery: Kimono details. Uchinopotemayo


Kimono details. Uchinopotemayo

liusaidh-writing: Doing what I swore I wouldn’t do, I’ve started a new fic, currently untitled…


Doing what I swore I wouldn’t do, I’ve started a new fic, currently untitled (while also continuing Call it True) – here’s a teensy snippet. Totally unsure whether I’ll start posting this new story soon, or if I’ll wait until I finish Call it True. 


 The large door swung open, Jamie ushering Claire in with a nudge.  

“You’ll have the whole left wing to yerself. Plenty of space. There’s no one else here just now – well, except me.” 

Jamie gave a half smile, carrying her small bag into the sitting room at the front of the house, just past the foyer. It was warm, welcoming, with a small fire crackling in the hearth, two  worn couches and an enticing library of books on a wall of shelves to the left of the fireplace. It was a well-used, room, Claire thought, and she  let her eyes wander over the walls, decorated with paintings of landscapes and apparent ancestors of this kind man who’d taken her in. 

She peeled off her heavy coat, and Jamie took it with a nod. 

“There’s a coat closet near the front door – I’ll put this there for now. You won’t be needin’ it again anytime soon, I promise.” 

“Thank you, Mr. Fraser. It’s…I can’t….”

“Aye,  I do what I know’s right, no need to thank me; and ye can call me Jamie. Everyone does. No need to be formal.” 

Claire nodded, smiling in appreciation. She still wanted to say more, wanted to do something that would show her gratitude, but she kept quiet, rubbing her hands over her arms in an attempt to calm her nerves. 

“I’ll show you to yer room, if ye like – there’s a washroom for ye, and a warm bed all set to go.” 

“Oh, yes.”

Claire followed him up the stairs to the left of the foyer where they’d entered, and listening to the creak of each wooden step as she made her way to her new room, she wondered what the days would hold in this old house. Her time would be her own, now. No alarms, no knocks on the door when she couldn’t rouse herself for work. No endless days and nights on her feet. 

“Mr. Fra- I mean, Jamie. What…do you do here all day?” 

“Oh, I work the small farm, mostly. Have a few animals that need tending, things like that.” He reached a door, near the end of the corridor, and opened it, where Claire caught sight of a large four poster bed covered in a patchwork quilt with soft pillows at the head. She immediately wanted to collapse on the bed, not having had a good nights rest in a week or more now. 

“Well, speaking of animals, I believe I’ve got some work to get to. Make yourself at home, lass,” Jamie said as he closed the door, leaving Claire to explore her new home. 

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