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@as_gingerale:bro that’s a little tooooo human

<p>Interesting article on the LATimes about the HFPA and the bribing that goes on behind the scenes from studios, networks and actors. I know it’s a prestigious recognition but having confirmations once again that GGs nominations are basically bought makes me feel less sorry for Sam, even though the way he’s still treated by the people who should promote his work as an actor on Outlander still makes me rage.</p>

That’s been an open secret for decades.  I think movies, shows and publicists use it just as promo “credibility” for the average person who doesn’t understand what goes on.

I think the real issue for me with Sam and GG is that Starz was so blatant that one year when they sent him off filming somewhere while the EPs, Cait and Tobias did the wining and dining.  Lead actor category is tough enough but that signaled to HFPA what/who was important to Starz.

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