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cma-japanese-art:Chrysanthemums by the Water, Sakai Hoitsu,…


Chrysanthemums by the Water, Sakai Hoitsu, 1761-1828, Cleveland Museum of Art: Japanese Art

Size: Image: 19 cm (7 ½ in.); Chord: 55.2 cm (21 ¾ in.)
Medium: fan painting: ink, color, and gold on paper

kagayuzen:Visiting Dress  “hana omou” by Yumiko…


Visiting Dress  “hana omou” by Yumiko Sebata

Shion is a flower that has been popular in Japan for a long time, but in recent years, the number of wild Shion flowers has been decreasing. I created this kimono with the image of the Shion flower in bloom in mind.

there-is-some-madness-in-love:Once Upon A… Hey, Tumblr-ers of this long-sailing ship!I’m back…


Once Upon A…

Hey, Tumblr-ers of this long-sailing ship!

I’m back with another lengthy word vomit because why not? Work was kicking my ass the past few weeks so I haven’t been around as much. Nothing’s been happening anyway, save for today when I woke up and little birdies started chirping again about another upcoming podcast. They just keep coming, don’t they? It’s like unlimited chicken wings all-year long that I didn’t subscribe to.

Anyhoo. Let’s gather ‘round the campfire for a tale of the ages, kids. The story goes:

Once upon a time, in a far, far away land, but not so faraway that they don’t have Internetexplorermozillafirefoxyahoobing, Prince Charming slides into this random girl’s inbox, talks her up in his usual charming way, she eats up his charm, he keeps charming her some more, she continues fawning over his charming-ness, everyone’s so goddamned charmed at this point and it’s a fucking fairytale. For, like, 4.5 seconds. Then, poof, he disappears. Like magic but more Scottish.

And then, the plot thickens.

Suddenly he’s the scummiest scum on this already wretched Earth because he, gasp, apparently stopped talking to her altogether. Noooooooo, how will Cinderella wake up from her long slumber after being kidnapped by her evil stepmother? This is a tragedy. So naturally, Cindy does what any sane adult will do when presented with the fact that Charming is no longer interested in her feet — she starts a podcast. She laments his loss, and hers, and is just so, so angry about the unfairness of it all.

But wait. How does Cindy know Charming isn’t married to his long-time childhood Betrothed who hangs out at the castle five days a week? How does she know to say that Charming and Betrothed have such crazy admirers in the village who want to murder anyone who says those two aren’t together? And isn’t Betrothed already married anyway, if only the damn village mayor would show us that marriage certificate. How does Cindy know all these? Must be that loudmouthed page boy spreading rumors again.

Chaos ensues. The villagers prepare pitchforks, the residents by the town’s borders are confused, the Royal Family just opened their 300-year-old champagne made from the tears of the village ancestors and toasted to another normal day in the kingdom, the local drunkard wants to fuck a duck, it’s all too much, really. All this ruckus because Cindy ate a poisoned apple then pricked her finger on a spinning wheel after losing her favorite glass slippers. Then made a podcast about it.

The end.

Now, kids, what have we learned today? Fairytales, after all, were popularized for children to become more cautious and learn from humanity’s hideous mistakes.

Personally, I learned that I like podcasts well enough. They’re a good source of information and entertainment if you listen to the right ones. I applaud people who do podcasts because I personally cannot stomach listening to a playback of my own voice. But, I digress.

Talks of euphemistic fairytales aside, I have seen some serious points on feminism regarding this whole podcast issue that I do want to address because I want people to reflect on the words they type before they put it out there on the black void I call the internet. The first point being, I don’t think this is a feminist issue at all. Though, of course, I’d have to contradict myself and say that of course it is because everything in this patriarchal society is a feminist issue.

But to make my point across: One of the things that grates on my nerves the most is Team Sam Is Scum is using this narrative to dunk on Sam more than sympathize with the woman in question. That’s how I know your points are bullshit. You’re not seeing this is as stepping up to comfort your fellow woman, you’re seeing this as a chance to further fuel your hatred towards a man who doesn’t know you exist. Someone even mentioned #MeToo, and it is precisely because I am a firm ally of the movement that I don’t see this as something tantamount to abuse or harassment or anything close to it.

Listen, I get it, you want to believe victims of actual abuse. I do too. It isn’t right how some people on this fandom have harassed other women in the name of “protecting” their idols. All I’m saying is to look at this situation, and think to yourself, in what part did she state outright or insinuate that something was non-consensual? Because isn’t that the main objective of being a feminist, that the world pause and think, hey maybe women aren’t single-celled organisms and can decide what they want and don’t want to do or see or hear or talk to. Free agency to our bodies, our rights, our decisions.

Has any of that come up in this podcast? Or the discussions you have all so generously started since then? I haven’t heard anything of the sort so I’m guessing not. If you haven’t thought of these points in your seething rage, your activism is reactionary. You know that meme floating around Twitter? You literally embody the “Gaslight, Girlboss, Gatekeep” meme. Please think long and hard if your rage is directed towards a broken system of a male-dominated society, or if it’s simply aimed at one man who hasn’t done the least bit harm to you or anyone you know.

Then after your reflection phase, please go out and touch some grass. God’s green Earth is so much wider than Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and the world wide web. There are more pressing issues out there that can use some of your rage. Use it to empower, not spread more hatred and toxicity.

So. This post isn’t about defending Sam or targeting podcast girl or shoving down your throats that my ship is real so this post is a moot point anyway. It’s about the morons with less than three braincells rubbed together who have nothing more to do with their time than fuel their ego by righteously pointing to themselves in the mirror and repeating, “I’m right and you’re not.”

My parrot bird chicken winged-pet thingy has something to say to you:

Mark me, this will be old news by next month. We’ll all have moved on with our lives and forget this ever happened, but here’s to all of you who will still be stalking our blogs until then: We’re not stupid. We’re not fully grown adults babying a pair of 40-years-olds because we love them together. We want the truth but we’re not taking the scenic route to get there. In Claire’s words, we’re not the meek and obedient type, though if you are, that’s fine too.

Some would say to ignore this whole mess, and I did for a time, and still plan to do so as long as this issue wants to make itself relevant, but I have opinions and wanna make a point to say them out loud. Sue me. Kisses!

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