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@eclecticstarlightconnoisseur asked: Do you find it strange that DG but Claire’s birth during the 1918 flu pandemic? That pandemic lasted Feb 1918-April 1920. There were 50,000,000 deaths worldwide. It’s amazing that an infant survived. I mean she goes through such lengths to be as historically accurate as she can, but this is to me is like a giant oversight. What do you think? I’m sure she did that because she wanted Claire to be a certain age when she passed through the stones. But I still find it strange.

This is one of the best points that has ever been raised to my blog.

I’ve never, ever considered this.

Claire was born into a world in turmoil. People dying all around. Henry and Julia Beauchamp must have been terrified. They likely went to great lengths to keep themselves and wee Claire healthy and safe – in a world where World War I was just about to end (November 11, 1918 – 3 weeks after Claire’s birth) and so much was uncertain.

Claire clearly doesn’t remember any of this – and unfortunately her parents didn’t live long enough for her to ask them about it. Lamb wasn’t close enough to her parents to know firsthand what their experiences would have been.

I do think it’s incredibly significant that Claire was born at a time of great uncertainty. A theme that continued through just about every period of her life. She’s been a survivor from the very beginning.

Thank you so much, dearest @eclecticstarlightconnoisseur, for pointing this out and giving me so much to think about!! xo

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Outlander Options – Claire goes back in less that a year after Culloden – marieinlex – Outlander Series – Diana Gabaldon [Archive oNew Chapter Posted by marieinlex

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Smut Fest February Official Post

Hey all! Valentine’s is over but the smut doesn’t have to be :) This is the official prompt posting, I’ll be going through and editing as people claim. First come, first served as far as prompts go! PM me your choice and I’ll credit you as having claimed it. 

No rules, just tag me when you post it so I can reblog and we can read it together! 


#1. Season one- Jamie and Claire are on the road after the wedding and have trouble being intimate with the men round so they get creative

#2. (Claimed by @renee-writer ) Season one or two- Claire decides to surprise Jamie by wearing ONLY the pearls at Lallybroch as he comes home after a long day of work.  


My Writing. My words.

#3. Modern AU. Claire is a surgeon and Jamie visits her at work for a lunch break…. More than just lunch is had. 

#4. The Reckoning S1, Jamie’s build up of tension after his run-in with Leghair (hah) up till his confession and makeup sex to Claire. Inner monologue/first person view? 

#5. Claire doesn’t go through the stones at Culloden. Instead, she and Jamie go to America together and start a life with Bree. Finding time to be intimate as new parents. 

#6. (CLAIMED by @there-is-some-madness-in-love ) soixante-neuf We revisit the fight in S2, Claire keeps thinking about Jamie mentioning the bite marks on his legs and decides to visit that out of jealousy. Claim your man, Claire. 

#7. Carriage sex. S4 Jocasta sends both Jamie and Claire on errand and they have… fun… coming home together. Drive on and don’t stop no matter what, coachman. ;) 

#8. Canon before Culloden. JC sex where Jamie starts to mentally notice Claire’s changing body as she is pregnant with Bree. Take as you will ;) 

#9 (CLAIMED BY @albatross1013 ) S1 Jamie’s POV- erotic dream after seeing Claire for the first time in her wet shift and after the ride to Leoch with her lovely round arse between his legs ;) 

#10 (CLAIMED BY @crossworddreamer ) S1 Claire daydreams about what it would be like to be with Jamie after seeing him and Leghair in the foyer. (I know her name I’m too lazy to type it right now haha) 



#11 (CLAIMED by @icanbeurbestbet )AU, teenage Jamie and Claire are “just friends” who are falling for each other. One late night they decide to go as far as they can without crossing the boundary into more than friends? Or can they….. ? 

#12 (CLAIMED by @annagoober ) S4-5 at the ridge. Jamie and Claire are inspired by the new life around them as Spring is blooming in the Ridge. J plans a picnic that turns into an al fresco lovemaking session.

had a blast writing for this smutfest 😎🔥. can’t wait to see what everyone else does with their respective prompts. there are still a few left, so step right up! (also if something is already claimed you could still do your own version of the same prompt!)

personally i would love to see where @arabellainthsky would go with any of these 👀🔥❤️

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