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New chapter “Paved in Yellow Stones”

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<p>Around Mother’s Day I sent an ask about an article describing what a wonderful example of a mom Claire Fraser is from She Knows. Did you receive it and would you still be able to post it? 💐💜💖</p>

Hiya Anon! Thanks for the ask!

Sorry, I don’t think I ever got that message! But better late than never? lol

Reshma always writes fun pieces for Outlander. Here’s her Mother’s Day dedicated to Claire and her (many) children as requested. Below are a few of my favorite bits

Claire and Jamie’s Pregnancy Reveal Boat Party


Claire broke the news that she was pregnant to Jamie as they were sailing away on a boat. Before Jamie got seasick, Claire wanted to tell him the happy news, which was especially surprising because Claire thought she couldn’t have children. She and Frank had tried with no luck. When she told Jamie she couldn’t have children, what did he do? He hugged her and said it’s probably better, he wouldn’t want her to be in pain. Except he said it all Scotty and sexy and swoony, even though he was saddy (it’s a word, now). Turns out, it wasn’t Claire that was the problem. It was Frank. He was shooting Frank blanks. Or blank Franks. Whichever.

Claire’s maternity wardrobe


Claire’s maternity wear was epic. So extra and we’re here for it. Everyone was. Especially Jamie. He didn’t really know what to do with this one. Her hips don’t lie. Is that a baby in your uterus Claire or is your dress just the biggest thing in Paris?

War mom


When your adopted son says he wants to go to war, what do you do? If you’re Claire, you tell him no, and then give him a pre-war hug. But then when he goes to war anyway and doesn’t listen to you, returns from the war having just killed a man, what do you do? If you’re Claire, you give him a hug, threaten to box his ears, and then find him a bed to take a nap in, because murder and war are tiring. Thanks Mi’lady! She was actually pretty traumatized that he killed a man — which is why she told him he couldn’t go to war in the first place, but do kids listen?! No.

Killer mom


Claire’s friend from the past (but also the future) Geillis goes off her rocker, and believes killing Brianna is the way to restore Scotland. Or some crap. Jamie and Claire learn of her evil plans to kill their daughter and track her down to a cave, where she is about to kill their nephew young Ian to travel to the future to kill their daughter. So crazy.Claire saves Brianna by beheading Geillis. Or as Balfe once described this motherly murder, Geillis “accidentally fell into an ax.” You know what’s great about Claire and Jamie as parents? If you threaten their kid, before they behead you, they will take a quick moment to make out. (Also to remember the daughter they lost, Faith). Because that’s just how they operate. Let them live! But seriously, if you threaten their 200-year-old baby and they start making out in front of you, run. Happy Mother’s Day Brianna, your mom loves you so much, she beheaded a lady! Whose skull was mailed to her in the future. Who mailed it?!? WHO?

Marsali’s ma


Marsali admits that the woman she once called a whore — pronounced “whoo-re-eh,” she now considers her “Ma.” Let’s take a moment to appreciate that. (Ha Laoghaire! Her arch nemesis’s daughter calls her “Ma!” Actually, Claire doesn’t even regard Laoghaire — but Laoghaire detests her and probably has a little Claire voodoo doll. Claire and Marsali are one of the best relationships to watch evolve on the show, mainly because Lauren Lyle and Balfe have excellent chemistry. They’re funny and heartwarming whether they’re playing disdain, annoyance, or just pure love. Claire teaches her stepdaughter about medicine, and they bond over moldy bready and cadavers. Plus, Claire serves as her OB-GYN. Claire is a cool mom. I repeat.

Cat mom


Claire becomes a cat mom. Not like Catwoman, but a mom of a cat. Jamie finds what can only be described as the cutest cat to ever live, and gives it to Claire as a gift. And hence she becomes a cat mom. The end. Someone please mail me this adorable cat.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

P.S. blame Tumblr and whatever stupid update this is for the messed up GIFs. This site is a piece of hot garbage. 

quotemadness: “When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to…


“When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

stewartandclarke: requested by Anon: Jamie + carrying Claire


requested by Anon: Jamie + carrying Claire

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Minutos antes do S E X O 🔥

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