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isthisclever:Power Jam | Outlander FanfictionChapter 13: SkidDespite the Friday exhaustion that came…


Power Jam | Outlander Fanfiction

Chapter 13: Skid

Despite the Friday exhaustion that came from very little sleep, the rest of their Lallybroch getaway was nothing short of perfect. An escape from the world Jamie wished could last forever. To show Claire the spaces where he’d passed his childhood, to watch Quinn run through the same fields he once had…the memories would live in his mind forever, he knew.

He only wished the property still kept horses, that he could’ve taken them riding. It would’ve been one of his greatest pleasures.

Well, something for the future, then.

Sunday afternoon arrived far too soon. Dropping them back off at their flat, preparing to part from them after days spent within arm’s reach was gutting.

Claire, too, was teary as they bid farewell. Quinn had run to her room and occupied herself, and Jamie stood in the doorway with Claire, their four hands knotted together. They’d been there for some minutes already, delaying his departure.

Q’s voice, high and fast, reached them through her bedroom door off the living space as she greeted her stuffed tiger and bear and rabbit and dolphin with excitement after a weekend away. The corners of Claire’s mouth twitched to hear it, as did his.

She squeezed his fingers with a sad smile. “You’ll come for dinner Wednesday?”

He returned it and nodded. “Seven on the dot and no’ a minute later. I swear it.”


Still, they didn’t move. Laundry and bath time and a six a.m. shift awaited her. Jamie knew he should give her a final kiss and leave her to prepare for the week ahead, but the sheen in her eye kept him glued to the spot. As he raised his hand to her cheek, her chin quivered and a weight dropped in his stomach. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said, smiling through the renegade tears dripping past her lashes. She pulled a hand free of their tangle to wipe them away, chuckling ironically.

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Claire Fraser + s5 outfits

You treasure! This set is amazing. Thank you!!!

I love this. Claire’s costumes on season 5 were really exceptional.

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