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liusaidh-writing: Photographs – The BeginningChapter 5: Uncle Lamb – Read over at AO3!Jamie and…


Photographs – The Beginning

Chapter 5: Uncle Lamb – Read over at AO3!

Jamie and Claire have dinner with Uncle Lamb, and discuss their plans.

(Have no fear, Jamie will certainly ‘officially’ propose to Claire in another chapter.)

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lovinghk: (photos by michael ho; source: studio incendo | 18…


(photos by michael ho; source: studio incendo | 18 jul 2021)

As the deadline for #HongKong ppl to move to the UK via LOTR approaches, many families wept farewell to their relatives and friends at the HKIA. A big number of people depart Hong Kong before the deadline and immigrate to the UK.

BNO holders rush out as emergency route ends

(source: the standard | 19 jul 2021)

Thousands of Hongkongers are seizing the last chance to enter the United Kingdom before an emergency route expires.

The policy of “leave outside the rules” ends today at 11.59pm, UK time (6.59am tomorrow in Hong Kong).

Under the policy, those who have yet to get a BNO visa can be granted LOTR status at the UK border and allowed to live and work in the country for up to six months.

They can apply for a BNO visa within the UK.

After the policy expires, applicants will need to apply for a BNO visa and wait for a decision before going to the UK.

Hong Kong had five flights to London Heathrow Airport yesterday – two British Airways, two Virgin Atlantic Airways and one Cathay Pacific.

At the Hong Kong International Airport yesterday, long queues were seen of passengers waiting to check in their luggage. There were tears, hugs and selfies as friends and relatives said goodbye to those leaving.

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