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Okay time to go

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Little Bit Better Than I Used To Be

Catch up: Chapter 1 (Starry Eyes) || Chapter 2 (Save Our Souls) || Chapter 3 (Dancing On Glass) || Chapter 4 (Merry-Go-Round) || Backstage (1) || Backstage (2) || Chapter 5 (Danger) || Backstage (3) ||| Also posted at AO3

Chapter 6A: Love Walked In

I was looking for something to help me understand // But bad luck kept turning my dreams into sand // I didn’t want pity, I had my share of friends // I wanted somebody more special than the rest…

I was aching inside like I was approaching the end // Just about that moment the timing was so right // You appeared like a vision sent down to my life // I thought I was dreaming when I saw you that night…

That’s when love walked in through my door…

Soundtrack: “Love Walked In,” Thunder, 1990 [click here to listen]

At around four AM, Claire gave up tossing and turning. She flipped on the bedside lamp, sat up against the headboard, and pushed the “on” button of the small clock radio, its large red numbers glowing softly.

Static crackled.

“…turning to international news – both praise and condemnation continue to pour in, in the aftermath of President Reagan’s fiery speech at the Berlin Wall three days ago…”

She flicked the dial – country, more country, Art Bell, more country…

“…and here we’re about to launch into another thirty-minute block of commercial-free music. We’ll start off with last summer’s mega hit – ‘Love Walked In’ by Print. Hey, have you heard the rumors that Print guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jamie Fraser has been hiding out in a rehab facility somewhere in the southern U.S.? I’d do that too if I had to back out of a forty-five date European tour! All I know is that the Print fans across the pond are pissed. Anyway – here we are, ‘Love Walked In’.”

Furtively Claire turned down the radio, just a bit, as the opening guitar chords echoed through her tiny room.

It wasn’t her style of music – but it was melodic.

Then Jamie started to sing.

Holy shit.

Soulful. Powerful.

Strained with feeling.

The chorus was quite catchy. Like a pop song, with heavier guitars.

A ballad.

Easily she imagined dark arenas, with tens of thousands of screaming fans hoisting their lighters in the air, singing their hearts out along with Jamie and his band.

God, it had to be intoxicating.

Literally and figuratively.

She didn’t know much – but from what Jamie had shared, he’d definitely lived the sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle to the fullest.

Quietly the song ended, followed by another song she didn’t recognize.

She flopped down on the bed. Threw her arm over her eyes. Listened and listened and listened as the sun rose.

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