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isthisclever:Power Jam | Outlander Fanfiction Chapter 14: GuardianFirst came the sensation of…


Power Jam | Outlander Fanfiction

Chapter 14: Guardian

First came the sensation of falling, his stomach swooping and brain flipping as he tumbled through black air. Then he jerked awake and very nearly tumbled from his chair for real.

The hospital intercom buzzed again, paging a doctor to the cardiac ward. Jamie sighed, running his hand over his face as he oriented himself. He slunk into his seat. The clock read nearly two a.m.

“Shite,” he murmured. He leaned his head back against the wall, one hand covering his closed eyes and massaging at his temples. The throbbing above the bridge of his nose matched the new ache in his chest. Claire’s shift began in four hours. She needed to leave. And he had to make her go.

Breathing deep, he turned to the seat beside him, stomach lurching into his throat to find it empty.

He rushed to quell the flare of disappointment, thoughts zipping across his mind as quick and numerous as the stars he’d watched with her. It was right that she’d gone. These chairs were murder. She should be sleeping in her own bed. Kissing her child and whispering goodnight into her ear. And, honestly, it was thoughtful of her not to wake him; he was exhausted, too. She came and sat with him during the worst of it. That was enough.

Rough fingers traced over the hollow of his cheek where he imagined — he hoped — she had kissed him goodbye before tip-toeing away.

It didn’t matter that she’d left. He repeated it again and again, willing himself to believe it. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t—

“Hey, you’re awake.”

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