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Welcome to Fandom



I was looking for Irates of the Caribbean gifs to answer an anon (typo stays because fitting AF) and made a little something.

When you first see a ship:

When you’re a newbie and haven’t seen all the fuckery below deck:

When you see the fuckery and start to second guess why the hell you’re here:

When you decide to embrace it anyway and just go with it:

When the other side drops shit in your inbox:

When you get sick of the shit:

When you’ve convinced yourself you’re off the ship but peek in anyway and see something that gives you the old tingles:

When your ass is still on board while it all goes to hell:

When your fandom is a trash heap but you’re proud of it anyway:

When a newbie asks for a rundown on what’s happened in the fandom since the beginning:

When you’re zen about the drama and someone asks you for advice on how to cope:

When someone tells you that you’re delusional but you don’t care:

When you swear you’ll never join another fandom:


OMG brilliant! 😂😂😂

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