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Conversations in the Dark

Chapter 86  

      Twenty minutes later, Claire and Jamie were stepping out of the
elevator, escorted by Avi and Eli and a large contingent of hotel
security. Across the vast lobby, every head turned. Eyes widened and
jaws dropped as guests and staff stopped what they were doing to watch
Jamie Fraser guide his glamorous fiancée to the waiting limo. Security
kept them at bay, but many ran forward, phones already recording video
or snapping stills of the smiling, relaxed couple as they made their way
across the black and white marble floors. Photographers had gathered
outside the entrance to the hotel, and Avi and Eli rushed Jamie and
Claire to the limo as camera flashes exploded wildly around them.


Read Chapter 86 here.

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Finalllllllly – the red carpet experience! Yes, a teeny bit of angst wormed its way in, but it was quickly swatted away like an annoying fly by our very own Highland warrior.

The promised wee chapterlet is not so wee, but I hope you enjoyed the fun and frenzy of the premiere.

A huge thanks to my betas for all their reading and re-reading and proofing and idea-sharing. Biggest of shout-outs to them for dealing with my mammoth chapters.

Thank you, readers for your support of my writing! I appreciate you all so much.

Thanks also to Bayou Arts Glass for allowing me to use one of their pictures (the forget-me-not glass pendant). Check out their adorable handmade jewelry! Here’s a larger pendant shot:



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