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Just figured I’d update whoever is interested in what I’m working on. I haven’t posted much lately, but it’s not for a lack of writing. I’m actually quite pleased with my productivity at the moment.

The more experience I get with writing, the more risks I’m trying to take. I’m just being careful with them to ensure they’re written to the best of my ability, because so much goes into them, and I don’t want to mess them up.

I’m currently finishing up chapter 3/7 of Part 4 of the Basia Mille Series. Eyes of Long Light.

The reason I haven’t posted any of it yet is because there are a lot of details and I want to make sure I get it right. I’d hate to screw up a story because of my own impatience to post.

I plan on posting it alongside Part 5: Where Amorous Kisses Dwell. They are sister stories, and the reader will have the option of either reading part 4 first or reading them simultaneously. Whatever the reader decides, I’m hoping it’ll be a fun and unique reading experience no matter what.

For those interested in my other WIPs:

  • PI Jamie is BEGGING for my attention. I’m on such a roll with EOLL, so I’ll pick it up as soon as I lose a bit of steam and require a change of pace. SO MUCH IS GOING TO HAPPEN in these last chapters.
  • La Vie En Rose 🌹 is going to be a longer story than typical for me, and I intend to pace myself with that one.
  • The French Connection. 😑 I’ll get back to it when I get back to it. I’m just excited about other things right now.
  • I’m also writing an original piece. I’m can’t wait to share this with you all when it’s done. It’s the most meaningful thing I’ve ever written and it has my heart. 💙

Thank you for being patient with me. And those of you who want to reread the Journey, Sojourn, &/or On Our Lips, Begin & Tell before the next two are posted, now is the time. 2021-08-07 08:41:51 2021-08-07 08:22:53

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