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A/N Where does the time go?  I lugged my laptop 7,000km round trip with the sole intention of working on this fic, but that apparently didn’t happen.  For those who found the last chapter hard to bear, I apologize in advance.  I am not quite finished being cruel.  With that said, trigger warning for character death, childhood disease, suicide ideation.  The chapter title is Sleeping in the Clouds.

The first five chapters are available on my AO3 page.

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barnesandco:Kabul has fallen, Afghanistan is almost completely under Taliban rule now, and President Ashraf Ghani, has fled. I wasn’t alive during the Vietnam war, but having seen the images of Saigon at the end of it, it’s impossible not t… 2021-08-16 22:41:26 2021-08-16 21:42:56

bundibird:This article was posted on the 10th August 2021. Heres a link to the crowd funding page for Rukhsana Media.

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