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The next chapter will be up on Friday, FINALLY! So, here’s a wee teaser. 

Claire heard the shower start running, then the knob turned. She pushed the door open slowly, seeing Jamie’s naked form step into the shower. She quickly stripped her clothes, leaving them in a pile with Jamie’s. She stepped in behind him, enjoying the warmth of the water as she wrapped her arms around his waist. She pressed her cheek against his back, she felt him relax under her touch. She placed a kiss to his shoulder as she felt his hands grip her own, pulling her closer. 

“What happened?”

Jamie was silent for a moment, then sighed. 

“Emily – she just won’t listen. I reminded her of the flyover this morning, reminded her that if something happened to her out there, it would take us ages to find her.” 

Claire swallowed, feeling the warm water run along her skin in little beads. She shut her eyes, trying to find the right words. 

“Please don’t be angry with her. I don’t like seeing you so upset.” She paused, feeling him turn to face her. He enveloped her, his arms holding her tight against his chest. “It worries me too, her penchant for wandering, but… if it makes her happy. She knows enough to stay away from people she doesn’t know, and she certainly knows enough about the virus to be wary.”  

Emily wasn’t the one in danger of being found, she wanted to say, though she knew that wouldn’t help, so she kept quiet. Jamie began stroking her hair, swaying them back and forth as though the water were a lullaby. Claire shut her eyes, letting the silence swallow them. 

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