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龚贤 – 金碧山水

by Gong Xian (Qing dynasty)

*There’s a special style in Chinese landscape painting called 青绿山水Qinglu shanshui which uses mineral dyes to complete the artwork. Those artworks have major green and blue colors. During Song Dynasty, artists and scholars added 泥金 (made of glue and powdered gold or other metals) to the dyeing materials. These landscape paintings are 金碧山水 Jinbi shanshui. 2021-08-25 20:30:05


A friend of my partner’s family had to say goodbye to her beloved dog Lupa of almost sixteen years old. I offered to do a funeral ritual for her and I expected to receive a no for an answer. Most people I’ve offered it to end up saying no as they want to get rid of the body, get rid of the pain they are experiencing as soon as they can. But she said yes. 

Her family was not super keen on it and rather not be at home to see the dog. 

She has always adjusted to what other people want, but she really needed this. It’s a delicate balance, to reach an agreement with people, especially when it is family. Her daughter wanted to be away when Lupa got euthanized and her son found it too difficult as well.

As we agreed to it, I felt myself regretting the offer, I am afraid of people, afraid to fail, and I fear saying and doing the wrong things. I almost couldn’t do it, I felt too tired. But I told myself to be brave.

As I arrived at the trainstation for her to pick me up with my bag of flowers, I discovered trees shedding their pinecones. As I picked them up I witnessed myself feeling less fear for the looks I was being given.

I stepped into her car and she told me she felt numb, we shared eachothers experiences of losing our dogs, and walking into her garden, looking at Lupa laying there with a candle burning beside her, I felt a familiar feeling.

Her daughter ended up being there when Lupa got euthanized and held her in her arms, which was so brave of her, and when I visited, she said hi briefly and went to her room again.

When she let me do my thing and arrange the flowers, I felt the layers of my fear slowly shed off of me. I allowed myself to breathe.

As I finished the arrangement, she cried and walked up to me to thank me, for how beautiful it was, and saying how special I was for her. I told her I was thankful too, and that she felt special to me, for only special people in my life allow me to do such a thing.

It was beautiful to watch the flies eventually cover all of her face, we watched it together for a long time with her husband, I thought it was beautiful, all the green shimmers covering her eyes, how fast they sense death, you can try to chase them off for as much as you like, but you can’t stop the natural cycles.

After I left, she messaged me to say I also influenced her daughter. A girl who didn’t want to know or see anything about death, is now burying her own dog and using the flowers to arrange in her grave again. 

Everyone struggles with their fears, but I witnessed so much bravery in everyone, for her to choose what she needs, for her daughter to witness death with love, even when it hurts, and for me, to show up and allow myself to be me.

Goodbye dear Lupa,

I may not have met you when you were wagging your tail, but you still have taught me so much about life. That the ripples that I cast matter, to walk through life with an open heart, that life can be painful, like walking through the bushes with thorns and nettles, to reach the other side, it will tear your clothes and give rashes on your skin, but it gets easier, the path becomes clearer the more you walk through it every day. 2021-08-25 19:38:42


Grief is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go.

– Jamie Anderson 2021-08-25 19:38:28

tomorrowmydear:Grief & AcceptanceRichard Siken, War of the Foxes | Rebecca Makkai, The Great Believers | C.S. Lewis | Maryam Mughal, Angel of Grief | Fortesa Latifi | Mary Shelley, Frankenstein | Chelsea Hodson, The End of Longing | Anna Blunden, F… 2021-08-25 19:36:45


All my grief says the same thing— this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. And the world laughs, holds my hope by my throat, says: but this is how it is.

– Fortesa Latifi, The Truth About Grief 2021-08-25 14:10:51


Power Jam | Outlander Fanfiction

Chapter 15: Everything

“Any big plans tonight?” John asked from the passenger seat, straight-faced other than the quick flick of an eyebrow. “Rearrange all the furniture in your flat, for instance? Or you could just jump up and down until the sun comes up?”

“Ha, ha, bloody ha,” Claire retorted as she turned onto the road leading to their building. The late afternoon sun slanted though the windscreen, making her squint. “No. God willing, Q goes to bed tonight without a fuss and I can pass out after her.”

As it was, Claire wasn’t entirely sure she’d make it the three hours until bedtime. Tuesday had passed in a sleep-deprived blur, as had her Wednesday shift. By the time she’d finished her swapped shift Thursday evening, she couldn’t even drag herself to practice afterward, a rarity for her. Now, after a full day of errands and chores she’d put off during the week, Friday night could not arrive fast enough.

Through it all, her phone calls with Jamie had kept her going. He called once, sometimes twice a day. Updated her about Jenny and the little ones, told stories of his nieces and nephew he was looking after. Always asked after Quinnie, and always ended with I love ye, Sassenach. And I miss ye. Sweet words that imbued her with the energy to conquer the waking hours until she could crawl into bed each night.

Despite the lingering fatigue and the long hours that had steadily drained her all week, she wouldn’t go back and change Monday night for anything.

With the promise of no alarm set for the morning (well, no alarm save for her little spitfire), Claire looked forward to a low-key Friday night of Disney movies and cuddling on the couch and (dear God, please) an early night.

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