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A capybara with an orange on its head in the annual capybara open-air bath at the Izu Shaboten Zoo 🍊

[Image Description: A series of 4 gifs of a capybara in a pool. It is surrounded by mandarin oranges floating all around it. In the first gif it is sort of slumped over, with the lower part of its head in the water. There’s an orange perfectly perched on its head. It blinks a few times in the second gif and moves slightly, turning towards the camera. In the third gif and fourth gifs the capybara has its head fully out of the water, looking directly at the camera, blinking and moving its head slightly back and forth. The last photo is text that reads “do not delete caption.” End description] 2021-08-27 21:31:35


Black Social Comedy 2021-08-27 19:46:10

armorsposts:If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were.Khalil Gibran 2021-08-27 19:45:14


Watanabe Shōtei (1851-1918) 2021-08-27 16:50:41


Any peace talks should begin with making peace with ourselves. First we need to recognize our anger, embrace it, and make peace with it. You don’t fight your anger, because your anger is you. Your anger is the wounded child in you. Why should you fight your anger? The method is entirely nonviolent: awareness, mindfulness, and tenderly holding your anger within you. Like this, your anger will transform naturally.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Artwork: © Lara Hawthorne 2021-08-27 11:33:22



Unveiling the new Great Tapestry of Scotland kilt and tartan for the first time, kilt designer to the stars, Howie Nicholsby from 21st Century Kilts added: “It was a real honour to be invited to feature in Iconic Scotland exhibit and to create this very rare edition kilt using the exclusive Great Tapestry of Scotland tartan designed by Lochcarron of Scotland. There are only two of these kilts in existence, the one in the exhibit itself and another now belonging to Outlander star Sam Heughan.”

This is just all around cool.

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