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A/N: As promised, the second update this weekend! Woo!

Be advised that this chapter contains strong sexual content right out of the gate.

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“Jamie,” she breathed, her forehead creased in concentration. “Oh…”

The hot water swirled with each deliberate motion of his hand, the tips of his fingers just barely grazing where she needed him. Claire let her head fall back against his shoulder, reveled in his hum of satisfaction as he trailed open-mouthed kisses down the curve of her neck.

The bath had been his idea. 

For a while, he’d been content to kneel outside the tub, watching her with heavy-lidded eyes as he scooped handfuls of water over her skin, chasing the rivulets with gentle fingertips. But it wasn’t too long before, relaxed and boneless, she’d reached for him, wrapping a hand around the back of his neck.

“Come here,” she’d murmured. “Come in with me.”

And, with a tender smile, he’d obliged.

The water had nearly covered her knees once Jamie sank down behind her, but the solid warmth of his chest against her back was even more soothing than the bath itself. Once they were settled — her legs nested between his, hands drifting dreamily over wet skin — she’d leaned back into his embrace with a deep sigh of contentment.

She wasn’t entirely sure it had been intentional; perhaps he was only stirring the water absently, idle fingers swirling at random through the bath. But when her breath caught — a sharp inhalation as the current rippled over her still-tender flesh — Jamie went very still for a moment, a smile spreading slowly where his lips were pressed to her shoulder.

His intention was crystal clear after that.

Never in her life would Claire have imagined that churning water could create the most exquisite torture of her life. 

And yet…

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We have to distinguish between the willingness to love and the capacity to love. You may be motivated by the willingness to love, but if that is your only motivation, the other person will suffer. So the willingness to love is not yet love. Many parents love their children. Yet they make them suffer a lot in the name of love. They’re often not capable of understanding their children’s suffering, difficulties, hopes, and aspirations. We have to ask ourselves, “Am I really loving the other person by understanding them or am I just projecting my own needs?”

Love doesn’t just mean the intention or willingness to make someone happy, but the capacity to do so. That capacity to love is something you have to learn and cultivate. Look into yourself and recognize the suffering in yourself. If you recognize, embrace, and transform your suffering and difficulties, then you are loving yourself. Based on that experience, you will succeed in helping another person to do the same, bringing a feeling of joy and happiness.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Artwork: © Kurtiandi

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