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“Hang in there. It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.”

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“We shall argue with reasons for our beliefs with utmost efforts, and without fear and regret,” tonyee chow hang-tung.

Here is a brief update on Chow Hang-tung:

Tung’s lawyers met her this afternoon in the Central District Police Station. According to her lawyers, she is doing well and in good spirits. What she currently concerns most is the plea sessions in the coming two days of the defendants in the “unauthorized assembly” case over the June 4 candlelight vigil in 2020.

Her thoughts are with Albert Ho, Leung Kwok-hung, Figo Chan and other comrades in jail. She originally planned to attend the court proceedings tomorrow but now she must pitifully miss it. She appeals to those who care about the case to attend the hearing and show support to her comrades on her behalf.

Though in police custody, Tung has not lost her sense of humour. She said with a sigh that she might not be able to start a new career as a Youtuber or a KOL in live broadcast because her “live of fatality” wasn’t as successful as she expected and she even shot her own face from below.

According to her lawyers, Tung is still questioning what evidence the police have got to accuse the Hong Kong Alliance as a “foreign agent”. At the end of the day, she would like to tell the world, “We shall argue with reasons for our beliefs with utmost efforts, and without fear and regret.”

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Photographs: The Beginning

Chapter 10: A Sinking Feeling – now up at AO3!


Hi dear readers. I am so sorry this update has taken me so long. Life has been a mess lately, so I appreciate your patience! This chapter is a rather difficult one, and I’d be glad to discuss it in the comments if you’d like – or on tumblr, or on twitter – anything works! Thanks for your likes, reblogs, kudos, comments, etc. They mean the world to me!

This is the first bit of writing I’ve done in several weeks, so I’m a tad rusty. I apologize for any glaring errors, and hope that you like this one anyway. More to come…soon-ish, because I know this one ends somewhat suddenly. This one is short because I wanted the ending to be only about Claire and what she was feeling and experiencing. The next chapter will pick up shortly after this one, so I won’t leave you all hanging..for long. (Does that make sense?)

Please stick with me!


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CW: animal abuse/death

I created this comic together with Paul Goodenough (Founder of “Rewriting Extinction”) and World Animal Protection UK to raise awareness of this animal injustice 🐻❤️

Time  is ticking for every bear tortured by the senseless cruelty of the Bear  Bile industry. There is no need for this abuse: there are cruelty-free  synthetic and organic ingredients with the same medicinal properties as  bear bile, so how can humans justify this abuse!? Luckily World Animal Protection UK are working to end the cycle of cruelty – it’s up to us to support them  and empower them to tackle this head on.

If you can afford it, please do consider donating here:

Every penny Rewriting Extinction raises goes directly to species-saving projects and restorying the planet with our 7 charity partners (Greenpeace, World Land Trust, Re:Wild, The Wildlife Trusts, Born Free, Reserva and Rewilding Europe).

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