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Willie Garson, ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘White Collar’ Actor, Dies at 57

Willie Garson, an actor best known for playing Stanford Blatch in “Sex and the City” and Mozzie in “White Collar,” has died. He was 57.

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Time goes by very quickly; one day we may be surprised to discover our life is nearing its end, and we don’t know what we’ve done with all the time we’ve lived. Maybe we’ve wasted entire days in anger, fear, and jealousy. We rarely offer ourselves the time and space to consider: Am I doing what I most want to be doing with my life? Do I even know what that is? The noise in our heads and all around us drowns out the “still, small voice” inside. We are so busy doing “something” that we rarely take a moment to look deeply and check in with our deepest desires.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

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73 behind bar we are not forgetting this mid-autumn festival 21 sep 2021

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今日(21 日)是中秋節,特首林鄭月娥出席行政會議前見記者時,祝願全港市民佳節快樂、家庭幸福。然而在林鄭治下,今個中秋有大批政治犯在牢獄內渡過中秋。至今有 72 人因國安法罪名,未審訊已被還押,包括在本月 10 日被帶上法庭的 7 名支聯會常委,及今日提堂的 3 名賢學思政現時或前成員王逸戰、陳枳森、朱慧盈。連同被判刑 9 年的唐英傑,今個中秋共 73 人因國安法失去自由。相關報道:月圓人缺中秋節 — 國安法下 73 人失自由 2021-09-22 08:52:47

dadalux:The Yggdrasil Tree, from The Secret Teachings of All Ages, by Manly P. Hall, 1928

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