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1.   I do not believe it was a ‘staged’ question.  2.  I do believe that both Sam and Caitriona were dreading the question, if asked.   3.  Interestingly, if Sam were just co-star with Caitriona, would he be smiling, elated that the fan was commenting about his best friend’s ‘newborn’?  I mean, who doesn’t smile when it comes to babies…right?   Caitriona’s face…..’damn, I thought it would just blow over’!

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Mural of the Cosmic Mandala
Bhutan. Punakha. Pungthang Dechen Dzong.
Third courtyard. Dukhang Sarpa assembly hall.
Linda De Volder wrote:
The Cosmic Mandala is encompassed by a flaming circle. At the Centre is a three-footed spiral sym…

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