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Where Jamie makes Claire dinner for her birthday. Fluff and Angst ahead.  This takes place in the first months after Covid hit. Modern AU. Country House Frasers???

*A warning that there is a brief mention of fertility issues in the beginning.*

The side door she had begun using when coming home from the hospital squeaked only a bit, though Claire winced at the small sound. It was late – or early, rather – and she hated waking Jamie. Leaving her shoes outside, she closed the door softly, then slipped off her socks, then her scrubs, heaping them into the washing machine in the mudroom. She shivered in her underwear and bra as she started the wash cycle, then walked quickly to the downstairs bathroom for a much-needed shower.

The increasingly brutal shifts at the hospital had begun taking their toll, and each shift she returned home half hoping there’d be some reason to never return. Not that she didn’t love her chosen career, but since Covid-19 hit, the longer hours, stressful working conditions, and most of all, the fear that she’d carry the virus home to her husband.

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