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Photographs: The Beginning

Chapter 14: Three Weeks

Hi readers! I want to thank you for your patience with me. Have been struggling to write lately, but finally was able to sit down and get this out of me. I am dipping my toes back into the water slowly, with this wee chapter I hope you enjoy. I really want them back together, so this’ll be the last chapter where Claire is in nursing school. It’s time for a wedding, don’t you think? 

Thanks for all the likes/comments/reblogs/kudos/etc. They mean the world to me! 2021-10-27 07:24:12



Liusaidh’s Outlander Fic – The Masterlist

AO3: liusaidh_writing



  • Scars of Lamentation: A short look at Claire’s return to the 1940’s pregnant with Brianna.
  • Return : Set sometime in Drums of Autumn, Jamie’s hunting excursion is prolonged, and he longs to get home to Claire.
  • Untitled: Set sometime in Drums of Autumn, Claire ponders aging, being separated from Jamie for so long, etc. A super short snippet of something, entirely plotless. Just a scene. *Not posted on AO3*
  • Carry Me: Jamie struggles with the thought that as he fails to carry Claire to bed one evening, it may be the last time it’ll ever happen.
  • An Inescapable Chill: This takes place between Jamie and Claire’s marriage and the witch trial – during their time at Castle Leoch. Claire wakes up to find Jamie missing, and is unable to find him…
  • To Ashes: Claire has too much to drink and hears Bree talking about a memory from their years with Frank. The truth then comes out, messy and painful. Struggling with her memories, Claire chooses to focus on what she has now.
  • A Birthday Dinner: Jamie makes Claire a delicious curry dinner for her birthday. *Country House Frasers*

Chapter Stories


Instruments of Flight – WIP – Modern/Dystopian AU

Rating: Explicit – depictions of violence, death, abuse, sexual situations. 

Please read the disclaimer on AO3.


Among the Wild Ponies – Complete – Modern AU

Rating: Mature – some sexual content.


Our Lives Illuminated – WIP – Modern AU – Friends to Lovers

Rating: Explicit (eventually…!) – It’s a slow burn.


Photographs – Vignette Series – Historical/WWII AU

Rating: Explicit

Part One: The Beginning (WIP)

Part Two: The War Years (coming soon!)

Part Three: Everything After (coming soon!)



I refreshed this a bit, added my ficlets, etc. :) 

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