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Caitríona Balfe Says Her Role in Upcoming Film Belfast Helped Her Decide to Become a Mom


Caitriona has been playing a mother since S2 of OL, 2016.

Then in 2019 she played a mother in FvF [In fact the movie release was not long after the remarkable weekend, 30 August 2019.]

And please she has NOT given birth and hidden a child army to rival Angelina Jolie. This is her first delivered child.

It’s disingenuous and quite frankly insulting for Caitriona to expect women to believe that at her advanced age it was as simple as thinking ‘… I think it sort of gives you a kick just to be like ‘I’ll do it. Why not’.

Celebrities lie routinely. It’s a means of maintaining privacy. But at what point do you just look like a serial liar?

Authenticity is in Caitriona’s rear vision mirror.

👏👏👏 Not to mention, at this age, you don’t usually just decide to get pregnant and bang, you’re pregnant the next month – this story is just unbelievable.

It’s laughable and sad, it doesn’t sound sincere like it’s only an afterthought. It is even more so if it is real. Anyone truly adores her should wish it is fake.

Thinking aloud, what if they are playing another roles offscreen? What if they’re only performing a script and reading the lines offscreen? What they say and share on media is work. It’s not so different from playing Jamie and Claire. In many lines of work, employees aren’t supposed to say and share what they believe and think personally. Circumstances and power relations vary in different situations that some can be more authentic and others can’t. SC could be the latter case.

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