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We REALLY had NO IDEA how much B.S. Taraji P. Henson had to deal w/ on POI


I know many followers know of Nicole Beharie’s struggles on SH and and the mess she had to deal w/. (i.e. being made to work long hours, despite her co-star getting time off to manage the same condition she had).

But yall… Some more ish Taraji had to deal w/ on POI also just came to light in recent days, via crew working on POI all about her bigoted former co-star Jim Caveziel (beyond her being left out of promos despite her Oscar nod, which nobody else on the show had, and her abrupt death #mostdisprected #mostunprotected).

Below are screenshotted summaries of some of the things the thoughtless bigot that was Jim Caveziel did during the filming (while protected and still employed, of course) via POI crew dishing it out on the podcast QAnonymous, which focuses on criticizing that destructive hateful cult:

In addition to all of the above, there’s this article from 2019, where she finally unloaded why she left Person of Interest and this quote is particularly heartbreaking to me:

I had to leave a show before, and it was the most money I’d ever seen in my life, and I was so miserable. It was stealing my joy. I just remember praying to God: “God, I’m not happy creatively.” And the next day, I called the producer. He got it. And I walked away, not even knowing where I was going. I ended up doing a play in Pasadena. I didn’t care about who was coming to the theater, executives or casting directors. It was about Taraji falling back in love with this craft. Fox had to woo me. I wouldn’t read the script. I was done with television. 2021-11-06 08:05:02


Happy couples don’t ruin TV shows. Writers who have no idea how to write for happy couples do.


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NEW / OLD photos of Caitriona Balfe + Sam Heughan
Behind-the-scenes of Outlander Season 1

Cait’s legs on Sam’s armchair 🥰 2021-11-06 07:11:26


The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, Su Renshan, c. 1840, Minneapolis Institute of Art: Chinese, South and Southeast Asian Art

ink line drawing of seven standing men, all wearing robes; three men wear hats; bald man at center has long beard
Although Su Renshan led a tragic life, he was one of the most modern, inspired, and unique artists of the nineteenth century. He broke the traditional mold of literati painting using completely new techniques, compositions, and visions. While precociously gifted in painting and calligraphy from youth, he failed the civil examinations twice, was anti-social, held violently anti-Manchu views, and was accused by his father of filial impiety, a serious charge that resulted in his being thrown out of his clan and imprisoned. It is essentially only through his paintings composed of sparse calligraphic brushwork and simple compositions that we know anything at all of the man. In this classic work, Su depicts the ancient literati theme of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove with a brevity of brushwork that achieves an almost cartoon-like quality in the characterization of the figures. Totally absent in this depiction is the bamboo grove itself which, in nearly all literati paintings of this theme, is included to identify the seven figures.
Size: 55 ½ x 32 1/8 in. (140.97 x 81.6 cm) (image)
89 3/8 x 40 ¼ in. (227.01 x 102.24 cm) (without roller)

Medium: Ink on paper

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