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The Gift by @thetranquilteal

“Christmas,” Jamie echoed, mostly to himself, nodding his head slowly before looking back down at the photograph of his wife and newborn child. “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

When Murtagh put a hand on his shoulder and stood, he dipped his head in acknowledgement but continued looking a moment longer, before tucking it back into his chest pocket and rising himself. He rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck – a long practised method used to replace the battered armour he had worn for far, far too long but was destined to wear a little while longer yet.

He would be home for Christmas but until that day came, he reminded himself, he had a job to do. And a promise to keep.

– OR –

Jamie has spent almost every night of his deployment yearning to be with his wife and newborn child. When he is given the opportunity to be home for Brianna’s first Christmas, however, he unexpectedly finds himself torn between the past, present and future. Modern Day AU. 

Part II now available on AO3

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7thartheaven:“I knew that someday you would find me. I waited for you, calmly, with boundless impatience. Consume me.”Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959), Alain Resnais

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