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Struck a nerve, did I? I never said the actual plots in that particular show are real. I said, that THEY said, that this is the type of sordid, salacious stuff that happens. The type of stuff that has happened for years, social media just makes them have to respond faster. But the speed of social media also helps publicists shift the narrative faster. In the Guilty Pleasure book, they showed very similar tactics, and the authors ( one tabloid writer and one Hollywood publicist) said it was all true except they changed minor things or combined situations so that people couldn’t figure out who the celebrities were.

Remember when Cait was doing promo for Money Monster? She played a publicist. And one interview they asked her if she could ever be a publicist and she said no, because I’m a terrible liar. Not no, because the hours are terrible and it’s very stressful. Her association with being a publicist was having to lie for a living.

Wake up. Much of what you see or read about celebrities isn’t the truth. It’s what they want you to think the truth is. Some cases it’s because they can’t say the truth. In other cases it’s because they just want privacy. 2021-12-27 16:07:58

Where My Destiny Lies – PassionWriter – Outlander & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
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Single Da Jamie Fraser and single mother Claire Beauchamp, are thrown together by the fate of the universe – meeting for the first time in the Headmaster’s office…

Will they be able to stay away from one another?

Or, alternatively – Your child punched mine in the face and now we’ve both been called to the Headmaster’s office. I wanted to be angry at ye, but ye’re bairns actually quite sweet and ye’re fit as fuck. 2021-12-27 10:51:17


One of my former students, Danielle McLarty, shared this with me, and I honestly lost it 😭😩. 2021-12-27 10:40:05

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