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We’re Live!




Hello, world! We at OFIC Magazine are thrilled to announce the launch of our new lit mag. Our aim is to bridge the gap between literary and fandom spheres. 

About Us: 

OFIC Magazine is a quarterly publication with a simple goal: to promote the original work of fanauthors whose aesthetics and interests may not align with the genres of traditional publishing, but whose work still aspires to literary aims—work that may be dark or grotesque, unabashedly joyful, or just too filthy for the general population. We publish work that can’t fit anywhere else. Read more about us here

What is OFIC? 

What’s special about the word “ofic” is that it’s short for “original fiction,” but only in contrast to fanfiction. The fanfic-ofic divide dichotomizes fiction into two categories: work that openly acknowledges the canon from which a work was transformed, and everything else. More questions? Check out our FAQ or ask us here

Our Aesthetic: 

We welcome work that may, in another time, have been referred to as “lemons.” We enjoy everything from smut with emotional resonance to character exploration genfic. We like happy endings, sad ones, bittersweet or ambiguous ones. We do romance; we do heartbreak. We want the dark twisted stuff, the hurt with comfort, the hurt without comfort, the light fluffy “and they were roommates” AUs. We’re not so big on plot. Mostly, we want work that makes us feel things. 


Our first issue, which will be published on April 1, 2022 (no jokes here) can be accessed by pledging to our Patreon


Interested in submitting? You should be. It’s free, and we pay our contributors! (We know— we couldn’t be hotter if we tried.)

Submissions for our first issue open on December 11, 2021 and close on February 12, 2022. You can submit and read our guidelines here

Want to support us? Thank you! You can do so by pledging to our Patreon, following our Twitter, buying our merch (the store opens for preorders the first week in January 2022!), or just by sharing this post! Tell you friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your mom, if she’s a cool mom! Everyone is welcome here.

We’re really excited to watch the development of this new project (partly helmed by former and future(?) guest @bettsfic). And if you’re a writer, check it out—submissions are open! 2021-12-29 07:15:26

gugumbathraw:Maggie Cheung in Irma Vep (1996) dir. Olivier Assayas 2021-12-29 07:12:48


Hong Kong university dismantles, removes Tiananmen statue

#HongKong university dismantles, removes #Tiananmen statue known as the #PillarofShame

HONG KONG, Dec 23 (Reuters) – A leading Hong Kong university has dismantled and removed a statue from its campus site that for more than two decades has commemorated pro-democracy protesters killed during China’s Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989.

The artwork, of anguished human torsos, is one of the few remaining public memorials in the former British colony to remember the bloody crackdown…

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