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rainmanjdog:Scapegoat: Scapegoat theory refers to the tendency to blame someone else for one’s own problems, a process that often results in feelings of prejudice toward the person or group that one is blaming. Scapegoating serves as an opportun… 2022-01-06 23:29:16

LOL I can’t believe this is what she brought up in a Vanity Fair Awards article…

I never even mentioned that on my blog more than once because I thought it was ridiculous… funny, but insignificant

If she thinks this doesn’t make her look bad, it does… because most normal people are also thinking “really, why does she even care about something so stupid” lol

You know what people will actually think? That she has in fact probably slept with Sam lol 2022-01-06 23:13:17


Because reading this from a professional standpoint, she hasn’t done much…

She is on Outlander and had some luck getting good roles… that she has undoubtedly done an excellent job on…but that’s it

But you know, I am a career woman myself and I am reading this thinking:

1. She wants to direct, but has just sat on her ass waiting for Outlander to let her and has not taken any initiative herself to maybe direct something small independently

2. She has said before that she wants to write and has been writing something for years, yet to see it

3. She doesn’t even mention her charity work… like I would have mentioned running a marathon for charity at the very least, as something positive and that took initiative

4. She doesn’t mention the gin as far as I can tell, probably because we have no idea what happened with the arts fellowship she was supposed to fund…but a patron of the arts is something worth discussing

5. Getting “meaty” roles, what exactly does that mean? Could you elaborate?

In the end, if you don’t know her, it is hard to get anything about her from that article except that

1. at 42 she shows promise, like she was a 20 year old or something

2. that she hasn’t taken the initiative to start things on her own

3. that she has full on life drama (as if other celeb’s don’t)….

And unfortunately, it is the life drama that sticks out and not in a good way…

This is not what I would have chosen to focus on as “my big professional come out for awards” …just yikes 2022-01-06 23:11:25


I’ve got a busy day so I’ll answer the anons in my inbox with this off the top of my head.  I literally scanned the article so I likely missed things.  I have a meeting in 14 minutes so
I’ll fix typos, etc later.

First, yes there is still an easy way to walk this forward.  STOP asking me that all the time.

I am literally laughing my ass off at the mention in this article that Sam has the same bedsheets as Cait’s baby picture in the Vanity Fair article. She just brought something to the attention of many people who had no idea.  I guess they are trying to paint over that oops.  If I were an average fan reading that, I wouldn’t think fans were “crazy”, I would think “Oh, reeeaally”. 

It’s the kind of thing that you don’t give light to, never mind in a big article.

To those who have asked me what I think of Cait using her interview to insult a “sliver of fans”, I think it lacks class as it always has whether it’s from her or TPTB in articles.  And again, totally unnecessary in this interview.  Does it add anything or advance her story? Not at all.

Ask yourself why after all these years, it is still so very important to her and her team that they try to squash these rumors by wasting space in interviews and insulting fans in the process. Does it gain her sympathy?  Likely not much because readers who are neutral or casual fans probably have at one point or another in their viewing wondered if that chemistry was true in real life.  There are ways to try to squash rumors without insulting fans.  Many actresses bigger than Cait is have done so with class and respect.  And those actresses’ fans likely don’t have a warehouse of receipts that this fandom has.   Her hands are far, far from clean.  She should stop acting like they are.  The nuclear-level of hypocrisy on her part is shameful. 

Let’s look at this timeline from when she’s previously insulted shippers-the kind of fans that exist in every.single.fandom but poor Caitriona can’t handle it.

*She did it when Starz was for sale 5 years ago.  Starz is for sale again.

*She gets worse during award season and this season she and the Belfast team have nearly groveled.  After seeing the average movie, they have to push hard.

*She has a son to protect.  I get it.  But then stop bringing  him up in every single interview but then saying she’s not going to talk more about him or say his name.  Just take it off the table from the start of the interview.  You’ve played a mother many times before, he didn’t influence that.  I’m very happy for her but at the same time, my eyes are tired of rolling.

Tumblr has one of the smallest number of people of any social media platform.  Seriously, it ranks like 12th.  We’re talking an insignificant number of people overall discussing any subject, never mind Outlander.  I bet a portion of VF readers couldn’t find us with a map and a guide.

But, since they are obviously wasting their time reading Tumblr, I’ll say this to Cait’s team. Show a little more class with your fans and don’t look so hungry for an award for what was a good not great performance.  You are making your client unlikable and unrelatable.  And a hypocrite on many levels.

The Victim card does not match with Miss not the Meek and Obedient type.

I’ll be happy for her if she wins because she’s sold her soul for it so “yay?”.  
But her team has ensured that I’ll be happier if she loses.  And I
resent them (and her) for making me feel that way

“Her hands are far, far from clean.  She should stop acting like they are.  The nuclear-level of hypocrisy on her part is shameful. “ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2022-01-06 22:11:15


Someone is STILL reading tumblr? 🤣 To be clear the marriage certificate was posted from a tait shipper first but it wouldn’t be good for the narrative of crazy shippers. She doesn’t like her OVER protective CaitOnlies, she doesn’t like shippers either, at this point I would like to know if she likes her fans at all… just my personal advice, stop to support someone who wants only your money 2022-01-06 18:17:46



A/N: awright folks, this was rather unexpected for me, too, but guess who’s back? your favourite Downhill lovebirds!
and they have a sweet, fluffy ficlet in tow.

[thanks @SassySassenach for the delightful moodboard, @elizabeth-beauchamp​ for her steadfast support as always, and @holdhertightandsayhername​ for joining this short, fluffy ride)

honestly, I had no intention of returning so soon, but after reading yesterday morning that one of my favourite people (*throws a look at @clandonnachaidh​*) celebrates another year around the sun today, and just having had the idea for this little thing almost simultaneously, I thought I’d give it a try to gift it to her for that special occasion.

This first scene is as much as I was able to get done in time. Now, I would usually finish writing the whole thing in one go—there are probably going to be two more scenes that go with this little snippet—but it was my friend’s choice to get the first scene TODAY and the rest later.
And so it is my pleasure to share this with you all a little ahead of time.
[Disclaimer: as this was all done quite hastily and in very little time, title of story and chapter may be subject to change, thanks for understanding]

Pure, unadulterated Downhill fluff.

this is for you, QUINE, I hope you’ll enjoy :* MWAH

[read Part II ]       [read Part III]      [Downhill Masterlist Post]


– a Downhill Ficlet (Part I)

Claire’s eyes began to
water the moment she stepped out of the car. While snow would not arrive for another
few weeks, the Highland air was already vicious, biting and nipping at every
inch of exposed skin.

Every cell of her body
urged her to haste; to make for that iron-bound doorway as fast as her
bundled-up form allowed. But there was something else, something more powerful
pulling her gaze in the opposite direction. Once she spied the unmistakeable
copper cowlicks peeking out from beneath a navy-grey beanie at the other end of the enormous courtyard, all thought
of escaping into the firewood-fuelled warmth was forgotten.

Jamie, Viking in
spirit and blood, withstood the howling November winds sheltered only by the
backwall of the stable and nothing but a pair of ramshackle jeans and a woollen
jumper rolled up above his elbows. Wearing a look of concentration beneath his
goggles, he showed off forearms corded with capable muscle as he worked a slab
of wood through the disc saw, shaping it to his own design.

Her heart, recognising
its mate without difficulty, skipped that familiar first beat; and as it did
so, his eyes lifted. Even from a distance, she recognised the same feeling—of
fullness, of coming home—shining in those blue depths as they connected with

[continue reading…]

it’s the first anniversary of HOMECOMING, so here we go <3
happy birthday,

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