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Olivia Wilde also made a statement recently about her relationship with Harry Styles and she said that it is tempting to address false narratives but she is happy and doesn’t care what people think…

Personally, I think you can mention it once but not beat a dead horse for 6 years…

It only makes people think that she has actually slept with Sam and is self conscious, stubbornly trying to prove to people that she didn’t…

If anything, picking such a ridiculous piece of Fandom gossip says more about her than it does about the Fandom

I’ve literally had several people tell me they didn’t know about it and where can they find the pics lol

You think ET and other outlets haven’t looked as well….they sound outraged but you can tell they love shipping and all the gossip lol lol 2022-01-08 23:27:04

Seems like it to me lol 2022-01-08 22:40:39

Lol lol

Yeah, she kind of deserves that embarrassing ridiculous nonsense detail brought up at every promo interview from now till Oscars

And segments like that embarrassing ET LIve segment lol Did they mention her acting or Belfast or nominations at all? Nope

They actually went on how they like to ship and talked about couples who were actually together asking people who they would like to see date in real life lol 😆 😅

Very serious actress image like lol …NOT

But maybe she will have to shut it down eventually like she did with that Irish talk show host…

He asked her about Tony, naturally thinking it was ok to discuss after she announced her engagement to People Mag at GGs. You don’t get a more public engagement announcement than that…

Then she said he was shy and he didn’t like people talking about him…

The host was annoyed with her lol

Oh well, she got what she wanted, being acknowledged for trashy HW gossip 2022-01-08 20:05:04















Remember Cait tweeted this after Q/A after midnight and is not raining in Scotland that night🥃🥃🐡


That’s what I found online:

„The unofficial safe sex emojis revealed: Researchers find ‘umbrella with raindrops’ most often used amid calls for an official condom symbol“

She put a „no“ in front of it….🤔

So practically she’s saying „no condom“

Guess these two were having sex that night 😎

This was some of their Q/A conversation

Last gif he wants to keep her forever from outlander props

Boo2 was born Oct 2017 ( others believe early 2018 ).

10 month between Jan 2017 – Oct 2017 🤔

Cait drunk tweeting. Same month as T2 premier, where Sam was jealous of Cait’s T1 date while in her teens, but not of the guy who was right there with them and who was supposed to be her bf 😂

Well, we all know what happens when you don’t wear the umbrella.

@vitaldust…..your comment is SO PERFECT.

I met Caitriona at the NYC Voyager Gala…September 30, 2017. She was most definitely pregnant. If looking at a side view, you could see the outline of her tummy when the dress was closer to her body. I’m going to venture agood guess and say the baby was born in late December….JMO.

Flirting publicly Cait 😉

Reblog! 0

Reblog for the sexy fun! Girl, always got to have a backup!

Reminder of fun times and babies!

Reblogged for the curious readers or new fans after reading her Vanity Fair interview. Let them judge whether we are crazy. 2022-01-08 09:48:06


When I saw the following quote last night, I had a mixed reaction: 

        “Sometimes you need to stop seeing good in people and                        start seeing what they show you.”  –  Motivational Life.

My very nature is to see the good in people and the blessing in every situation. What caught my attention was, “…start seeing what they show you.” 

For over six years I’ve supported both Sam and Cait unconditionally. Naturally there were times when I disagreed with their actions, but I always gave them the benefit of the doubt. I blamed TPTB. I blamed their respective teams. I allowed that they both played a part in the narrative, but they were doing it under duress.

I want to remain a positive person, but I do not want to sacrifice reality for illusion. At this point I’ve lost respect for Cait. I’m grieving that loss and, as I responded to a comment by @gastairfad, my heart is breaking a little. 

I’d never been in a fandom before, nor had I heard of Tumblr. I imagine my entrance was similar to that of others: I heard that the roles of Jamie and Claire in my beloved Outlander books had been chosen, I Googled the actors, I saw something special, and down the rabbit hole I went.

Both Sam and Cait were wonderful individuals, but where they really stood out was when they were together. They were fresh, authentic, radiantly in love, grateful for the opportunities afforded them by their roles in Outlander, and incredibly likeable.

Then came the IFH (Interview From Hell for the newbies) when they were forced to deny being together. It didn’t take long after the initial gut punch to see that behind the scenes they were the same loving couple, so I went back to shipping. We were treated to a narrative with various fake blonde girlfriends for Sam, and a gay personal assistant for Cait. Most of us shrugged and continued to believe what we’d seen for years. After all, we had a warehouse full of receipts. 

We were more offended by the EFH (Engagement From Hell), but it was obviously a promotional ploy so we weren’t worried. The fake wedding

(because whether it’s legal or not, I do not believe it’s real)

gave me pause, because the idea of a wedding is more sacred to me than an engagement. We weathered that stage as well, although I certainly lost some respect for Cait at that point. 

What really did it for me was when Cait started using her infant son as an advertising tool while still begging for PRIVACY! She’s the one who decided to publicize the birth, she’s the one who advertised her engagement, and she’s the one who used blazing neon arrows to lead us to her “wedding.” Her breathtaking hypocrisy makes my head spin. 

The Vanity Fair article was the final straw. I saw a version of Cait I no longer recognize: one who is willing to lie, insult the show that has given her so much, denigrate her fans, and take no responsibility for her actions. Even worse, she is willing to play up her infant son and motherhood (not to mention breast pumps, period panties, and eco diapers) in order to get the attention of Hollywood that she so obviously craves in order to score a glitzy award. 

Oh, the irony. What I used to love about Sam and Cait was their inner and outer radiance. I guess winning a bright and shiny little statue is more important.

For me it’s not only CB but also SH since Hawaii. I let Hawaii go for a long time. But since I believe SC have been in this together, and what happened in Paris just weeks ago, then all the Belfast promos up to the VF article, my head and my heart finally agree with each other that CB and SH are not the good persons I used to believe them to be. I don’t lament so much about what I believed about them together as what persons I thought they were.

Many people thought shippers only care whether SC are together, but the fact is, no, many people I talked to, they care about the integrity of SC, and not until the very last moment, we don’t want to let go the possibility that they’re the good persons we believe them to be.

At this point, either they lie or they led people on, they make it loud and clear they don’t own up what they have done but time and again choose to shift the blame to their fans. 2022-01-08 07:11:52


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