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I debated just deleting and blocking this because there’s obviously an agenda and I’ve got a busy day. And it’s Maestro on this blog.  He hasn’t earned a first-name on this blog.

First, other than the ridiculous discussion of Tumblr’s observation that the bedsheets are the same, (hello Barbra Streisand effect), there was actually nothing new in that article and your bias reads implication as statement.

Second, I answered anons about directing more than once yesterday that I thought she should ask to direct and doing so on her own show is where actors usually start and makes perfect sense. But you don’t do that by trashing your employer (I actually accidentally typed former employer) in a big cover story. And you don’t contradict yourself by saying that she was supposed to direct a S6 episode but then her own circumstances combined with Covid made that impossible. S7 has 16 episodes and I would imagine not all are storyboarded with enough detail at this time to hire directors so she should still have her team negotiating on her behalf. She would NOT be getting this cover without Outlander, period.

She GPS’d fans to her wedding location and yet none showed up to hassle her. Lynette RIce’s team called the Church (or pretended to, I think the quote from the church secretary was pre-planned just like everything else). There is no PI that anyone I talk to knows about. Yet, those crazy, crazy fans. Newsflash, have you ever met a militant Cait stan? They are the ones who make it hard to be a fan, not shippers who, with some exceptions not condoned by other shippers, stay in our own lane.

I want to like Cait, I really do. (Or I did, now I dgaf.) It took me awhile to warm up to her in S1 because I thought she was a weak, obviously green actress and I noticed she wasn’t’ working hard to engage fans. I started to really like her in S2-3, both as an actress and as a smart and funny person. I saw her in person at S4 premiere that Friday when Sam just got back from Bloodshot shooting and I noticed two things. One-She’s much more beautiful in person than she is in pictures. Two-she glows in Sam’s presence. I mean visible halo. But I hate the way she goes after segments of fans because it is the fans who decide who is in what segment and broad-brushing abounds. Her comments do nothing but divide. And I don’t think she cares.

By the way agenda anon, every mainstream fan I’ve ever run into lights up at the mention of the possibility of SC being together.

This isn’t about Outlander as much as it is about Caitriona and her team wanting to be validated in the acting community as more than just a retired model who wanted to act. This was a perfectly orchestrated VF cover , (likely negotiated by Branagh’s crackerjack team) so that she was in the mainstream right as SAG and Oscar noms are being evaluated. Belfast only made $7M but Branagh stands to make a killing on streaming rights and awards will help him.

She tried to check every “I’m just like you” box to the actors voting for SAG. She tried to check the diversity box too for GG and Oscar voters. (That was disingenuous.  Crew likely can’t be helped due to demographics but Outlander has had several female directors-they are usually the best episodes.) Remember both GG and Oscar committees have been slammed in recent years for lack of diversity.  Groveling 101.

She just came across as trying too hard and she has always been a bad print interview. The VF cover was planned and executed to be exploited by Team Cait so that JustJared (in the pocket of Starz) was right on the case to highlight those crazy fans, E News was right on the case to spotlight the directing issue and Cait stans are tweeting at Matt and Maril. I just saw an ET Canada headline (also in Starz’ pocket) about those crazy fans. Her team knows Outlander brings clicks and awareness. The websites are only too happy to oblige because clicks bring money.

As far as her team is concerned; win-win. Cait gets several news cycles out of this for her awards groveling and the narrative gets a blowjob. 2022-01-08 07:07:57 2022-01-08 06:59:16



I just want to thank everyone who’s been patient with me and supported this story 💗

Archive of Our Own 2022-01-08 06:57:56

I‘m not an extreme Shipper and I am not terrorizing anyone.

And to be honest, it wasn’t a shipper who posted her marriage contract here. It wasn’t a shipper who terrorized the journalist who asked Cait the Bond question, and it’s also not shippers who are now writing to Starz and the OL executives about why they don’t allow Cait to direct.

And by the way, I hate generalizations. 2022-01-08 06:46:02


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