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“I took Caitriona aside and said “okay so next time we do that take just tell him ‘get over here and lets fuck’ so sure enough she says this and you have that split second of a reaction in his eyes which is just fantastic and that’s what’s in the cut now.” – Anna Foerster 2022-01-20 07:02:11



i think the part of tumblr that’s like working itself into a frenzy over tumblr turning Everything Into Fandom or Only Consuming Media If It’s Shippable is just like turning something that like isn’t even an issue into a huge one for no real reason. like not that it’s even like a moral failing to not read #deep lit or to like media wrong but also like who is actually posting about media they consumed and liked a normal account on tumblr. this is not my letterboxd account. i won’t review every media source i consume and like a normal amount let alone dissect it on here. this is the platform for blorbo from my shows. i am busy avoiding doing my dissertation and don’t have time or energy to liveblog all of my media consumption. who cares

It’s like going to a farmer’s market and freaking out over how obsessed everyone is with vegetables. 2022-01-20 06:57:17


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