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Jamie cursed under his breath, once again running the palms of his hands against his thighs in an attempt to wipe off the sweat.

Seas, Fraser,” he told himself.

It had been two sleepless nights since he’d received the phone call from a widowed Claire Randall.

Or was she Beauchamp now? How long until she would claim her own name again? Ever?

His eyes were trained on the stone archway that opened into the Lallybroch courtyard, knowing that her taxi would arrive at any moment. He had offered, practically begged, to pick her up from the airport but she was adamant that she would make the journey herself.

Jamie conceded the point, wanting to grant her every and any possible allowance that she needed at the moment. But he had to admit to the joy that sparked his deadened heart at being on the receiving end of her stubbornness.

They hadn’t spoken about the details since they’d talked on the phone. He knew the day and time of her flight into Inverness but nothing more, only that she hadn’t booked anywhere else to stay, at his insistence. She had been told, unequivocally, that she would spend as long as she needed at his home. He would keep her, huddled in the warmth of Lallybroch, until she said otherwise.

Jamie had experienced loss. Been beaten by it, tortured by it and then finally learned to walk with it. And now Claire was starting her journey with grief. All the tangled, confusing thoughts and emotions that came along with it. And Jamie knew that he would help her navigate it in any way he could.

He found himself pacing outside his front door, only pausing briefly to scratch the head of Bran who lurched towards him in his old age but sent a full smile as his lower jaw dropped at the sight of his master.

“Yer a good boy, are ye no’?”

The old labrador gave him a huff of agreement before his nose caught the scent of the bacon bap that sat on a plate, somewhat precariously balanced on the stone steps. Jamie had made it to offer Claire on her arrival. He’d been brought up with the tenets of Highland culture ingrained in him, the most important being that grief was met with food.

Even though he was getting on in years, Bran could be as quick as lightening when food was on offer. Yelling bloody murder, Jamie took after his faithful companion, his feet kicking up the gravel as he sprinted into the house. The pair cleared the kitchen in record time, managed a full circuit of the living room sofas and then halfway up the stairs before Bran retraced his bounds, deciding to retreat to his favourite hiding spot under the large oak table in the dining room, having figured out years earlier that Jamie was not as quick on his hands and knees as Bran was on four legs.

“Ye wee bastard, give it here!” Jamie grunted, swiping a large arm at the dog from his position on his knees. Bran was having the time of his geriatric life, wagging his tail with absolute delight at his morning’s game of chasies and forbidden food to top it all off. “Swear tae Christ, man, yer a good boy but ye can also be a wee shite!”

“Am I interrupting?”

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I had a family member peel me off the floor sobbing over another FEMA project deadline for our hospital. Our ER is broken. Our staff is exhausted. My shoulders and back are chronically spasming from the stress, workload and demands.

You have a right to your opinions.

But I beg and plead, stop calling those of us who work in healthcare liars.

It is difficult and excruciating enough as it is.

It is the disdain shown towards healthcare and those of us trying to keep people alive that is the most difficult part for me.

Huge hugs, my friend. I worked through HIV, worked through SARS, worked through the pre-vaccine stage of covid, but this, almost two years later, has driven me to leave a job I once loved sooner than I wanted to. It’s indescribable. A battleground. And it feels so hopeless.

Sending so much love to you, @rainmanjdog and @mama-tumblz. I have so much respect and gratitude for our healthcare workers. I wish those who choose not to get vaccinated would realize how selfish and careless they are being by putting so many at risk. 

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