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Look at the pictures. Not the old friend ones from before they met and started dating, or the ones from early 2015 when they used him as her plus 1, but the narrative ones from since they rolled him out as her fiancé then husband. In pictures with Sam you’ll see connection, love, knowing looks, fist bumps, shared secrets, heart eyes, camaraderie, foundation and understanding. With the maestro all there is is the same stiff posture and her same tight smile and his smug smirk. The same. You could cut and paste their heads and interchange them from occasion to occasion and there’d be no difference. They’re posed. Instead of ‘cheese’ the photographer might as well be shouting ‘narrati-iive’ and they turn and do that for the camera. Put that together with the receipts from the last eight years, ruthlessly trim your follows list, and there you go. Don’t think I don’t still avoid those pictures though and roll my eyes and cuss when one shows up. I sure do, and that’s allowed. 2022-02-28 22:45:55


Miniature Origami Cranes Take Flight in Sculptures by Naoki Onogawa. From a young age, Naoki Onogawa has been obsessed with origami, spending hour after hour folding single pieces of paper into different objects. Today, he creates art by folding paper cranes, or orizuru, one of the most common motifs found in origami. Naoki Onogawa is currently showing new works pictured here in an exhibition titled “folklore” at the Setouchi City Museum of Art. Text by Spoon Tamago 2022-02-28 20:43:41


So they belong to your husband then? 🧐🤨🤔 2022-02-28 19:33:12



























Awww…❤️❤️Sweethearts in love…

Reminds me of these two sweethearts in love…❤️

What does Michelle call her sweetheart? She calls Barack boo…and he is HER boo!!!❤️

And what does Caitriona call her sweetheart? She calls Sam boo…and he is HER boo!!!❤️

Her on-screen boo…❤️

Her BTS boo…❤️

Her photo shoot boo…❤️

Her sidewalk boo…❤️

Her red carpet boo…❤️

AND…Her off-screen everyday boo…❤️

(Photo and gif credits to the owners)

Feel free to add more photos of Caitriona and her boo…❤️

Cait and her tongue out boo.

Cait and her let me hang on to you while I drink from this water bottle before we need to be on screen again Boo.

Cait and her one and only true boo.

Could not pass this opportunity up!

Her “ Waking up to and just rolled off the bed” Boo


Caitriona and her come with me to take the photos Boo

Caitriona and her yes kiss me hold me noone is watching Boo

Cait and her I wanna rip your dress off in a room full of people Boo

Cait and her oops I didn’t mean to touch your boob Boo

Cait and her sometimes the stars align Boo

Cait and her look at my suggestive jingle bells Boo

Cait and her lipstick swapping Boo

Caitríona Balfe-Heughan and her Large-Prawned Boo

@there-is-s0me-madness-in-love Hahahahah!!!!!!

Cait and her just – got – the – best – reaction – ever – to – this – peek-a-bewb – dress – on – the – red – carpet Boo:

Cait and her Boo-dyguard 😁

Her Boo who loves her butt…😏

Cait and her “I don’t have to mask up around him in doors for obvious reasons” Boo.

Her ‘We have a pet together’ Boo 😍

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Hiking with my Boo with matching lipsticks 😜

Date night to the theatre with her Boo

Date night to concert with her BOO😘😘

Her “moaning partner” Boo….

Cait and her coat-sharing boo 🥶❤️‍🔥

Sam inhaling his Boo❤️💋

Her “gotta fix his hair” Boo:

Watching fights with her Boo while in NYC🙌🏻🙌🏻

Waiting for his Boo before going off stage 💕

Caitriona and her I wanna know if my Boo is gonna be the new James Bond because I’m expecting some good perks if he is! ❤️💵💸💰

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WHOA ! LETS MAKE TO 2000 NOTES @samcait-love

If I harbour any feelings of resentment, it is the resentment against retconning the history.

It is personal because I’m living in a reality that the power above has made every effort to retcon, bury or wipe out what have happened. In the process, people around me lose their properties, their careers, their homes, what hurts most is, their rights to feelings and memories. I am sensitive to any futile attempts of retconning because it has wounded my people in million ways you can’t imagine.

“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting” Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

I am not staying here out of hatred or reblogging out of spite. I am here because I believe we have to own what we have done. We do owe in one way or another to each other because we live in a more than ever interconnected space by the social contract. I will see if they are going to redeem themselves for what they’re doing now. I will wait. 2022-02-28 12:20:51


Ukraine, 26th Feb, 2022

A friend of mine told me yesterday that he didn’t realise how much Ukraine meant to him until now. I posted yesterday about the time we spent there, and we’re all getting super pre-occupied about the invasion. As I said in that post, I can’t get our waitress out of my head. I can sort of remember what she looked like now. She had an undercut. I think maybe her hair might have been blue? But – I will never know if she lives through this, and it’s driving me very slightly mad.

So naturally, my husband spent all day yesterday obsessively researching everything he could about it with the help of his journalist friends, as a way to help me process it.

This post is me putting it all in order, as a way to try and process my own emotional response as much as anything else (I freely admit there is an element of self-indulgence here). Please don’t take me as the spokesperson for Ukraine right now, nor as a solid reliable news source. But, I haven’t seen this stuff except in bits and pieces on Tumblr, so here we go.

(This is also not about why the invasion has happened. This post is solely about what has happened, and how the invasion is going.)

So, Putin and the rest of the world believed that this invasion would take 1-4 days. The plan was to push through fast, take Kyiv, and force Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, to surrender. Given Russia’s military might, it really looked likely.

Here is the conclusion of all that’s happened so far:

Ukraine is absolutely nailing this??? Actually???

They managed to defend every single city overnight, including Kyiv. They started rolling out and using these WW2-style anti-tank thingies that look a bit like angry gabbions, look, here’s a picture of one being delivered:

A man in high vis stands on the back of a flat bed truck, wrapping chains around a piece of anti-tank equipment. It seems to be multiple iron girders welded together into a many-limbed star, and is almost as tall as the man.

A bunch of spare iron girders turned into a hefty octopus of Russian misery, basically.

But it’s not just tanks they’re taking down, oh no. Ukraine successfully shot down a transport plane 20km from Kyiv. That is, I shit you not, the single biggest hit to the Russian military since the Second Chechen War. Volunteers from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan and Israel are all entering Ukraine to help fight and bolster the anti-Russian forces, which is probably illustrative of how Eurovision voting is going to run for the next decade. Most countries have banned Russian planes from their air space. To help stop the Russian advance, Ukraine has made and installed new road signs, like this one:

A big road sign at an intersection, the type that gives directions for straight on, left and right. The text is in Ukrainian.

I can only say a handful of sentences in Ukrainian, Tumblrs, but as I understand it, from top to bottom, it says:

“Fuck off”

“Fuck off again”

“Fuck off Russia”

Meanwhile, it turns out the Russian military might we feared is… possibly not quite as advertised?

They’re underfunded and badly trained. Ukraine captured 200 soldiers in one go, and most of them were confused 19 year olds with no training. The equipment is shite. The tanks keep running out of fuel. Russian soldiers keep abandoning their tanks and handing them over to the Ukrainian army. Putin’s plan was to take Kyiv fast and move on, and he didn’t have a plan B – hence these kids, playing soldier. Here is an image of a Russian tank receiving roadside assistance from Russia’s finest, an old Lada.  

A broken down tank at the side of the road. In front of it sits an old Lada - an eastern European car covered in mud and dust, with a little trailer attached.

No one expected Zelenskyy to survive the night; but he did. America offered him asylum in the White House.

But he said no. 

Zelenskyy remains in Kyiv, with his people.

And Putin, in his desperation to be adored, has turned Zelenskyy into a global icon and hero.

Here is something you may not know about Volodymyr Zelenskyy – he used to be a standup comedian. Was he any good? No idea – but what he IS good at is producing funny short videos he can put on Twitter and that, which are absolutely fantastic for Ukrainian morale. And morale is vital in an invasion like this, and Ukraine are smashing it out of the park there.

They are utilising the internet to its fullest extent. In addition to Zelenskyy’s videos, they’ve made sure that the final words of the Ukrainian defenders of Snake Island are known and now echoed around the world: “Russian warship, go fuck yourselves.” A video has gone viral of Ukrainians mocking a group of Russian soldiers whose tank had broken down and who didn’t know the way to Kyiv anyway, presumably because of all the new road signs. They have created a website that lists every single Russian death they can identify, partly so Russian mothers can have closure (thus also painting themselves as the defenders of decency and humanity), and partly for the enormous morale boost of the world knowing, categorically, that they’ve already killed 3700 Russian soldiers (over 100 of which were from that transport plane.)  Not one word has leaked of Ukrainian casualties. I’m sure they’re devastating, but for morale purposes, they’re being kept quiet until the dust settles. Ukrainians have started setting up fake Tindr profiles to catfish Russian soldiers for intel, and they’re all 19 and lost, so it’s working. Plus, they’re using Grindr to actually track where the soldiers are, because it turns out Putin was not entirely correct about there being no gays in Russia.

So, Russia wants to cut their internet access. Can the Ukrainian Minister for Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, shame a billionaire into providing aid?

Tweet reads: @elonmusk, while you try to colonize Mars - Russia try to occupy Ukraine! While your rockets successfully land from space - Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civil people! We ask you to provide Ukraine with Starlink stations and to address sane Russians to stand.

This is crucial, remember. Atrocities happen best in the dark, and the world is watching – because of the internet. Morale is vital to maintain. Can they convince Elon Musk to help?

Elon Musk's tweet reads: Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.


Ukraine now has the fastest internet service in the world. The fastest, most stable internet service in human history, in fact. Russia cannot now disable it. The world watches.

Which is just as well, because then Anonymous decided to get involved, and have leaked the website database of the Russian Ministry of Defence. Lol. Also this happens:

Headline: Kremlin website goes down as Russian TV channels hacked to play Ukrainian songs. Sub heading: Hacking collective Anonymous announced it was 'at war with Russia' hours before the outage

And then the Russian propaganda channels started broadcasting the truth of what is happening in Ukraine. Double lol.

So what is the political response?

Well, in addition to closing airspace to Russian planes, loads of countries are sending weapons to Ukraine. Those that can’t are offering asylum. They’re also offering asylum to any Russian soldiers who surrender or defect, which is startlingly good tactics, and there are rumours of around 5000 Russian soldiers who have done just that. Germany, of course, has long had a block on lethal weapons transfer; but Germany recognise this shit for what it is. They’ve lifted the block, thus allowing the Netherlands to send weapons. Efforts are now underway to fast-track Ukraine into the EU. I presume they will consider the lack of pint glasses with crowns on to be a worthwhile price to pay.

So what about Russia’s supporters?

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenka helped Russia with this invasion. Now, this has happened:

Tweet from Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya reads: Lukashenka committed treason - he made our country a participant in the invasion of Ukraine. So I declared myself as the national leader of Belarus to protect the sovereignty & independence of our country, represent it in security negotiations & crisis management in the region

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya was actually elected president, but some wild nonsense kept her out of power. She’s now running a government in exile. I have literally no idea what this means or will mean! But my god. She has a spine of steel, and this is not a good time to be happening for Putin. 

And it’s really, really not, because then intel on a meeting of Putin and assembled Oligarchs LEAKS (hello Anonymous, probably). The highlights:

  • This war is costing Russia $15bn a day
  • He expected it to take ONE TO FOUR DAYS TO WIN
  • It’s been two days and he is losing very badly, currently
  • They will run out of rockets by day 4, maybe sooner
  • After that they will be down to rifles and ammo
  • It will take 3-4 months to make more significant weapons, except they need raw materials, and the countries that can provide them… have cut supply lines
  • If the war lasts 10 days, Russia will have completely run out of money and weapons
  • It’s only day 2, and Russian soldiers are knocking the doors of random Ukrainian homes begging for food and water because they’ve already run out

So, out of desperation, Putin turns to his greatest, closest and most trusted ally for help: Kazakhstan. 

And Kazakhstan


And then Ukraine shoots down a second Russian plane.

Anyway, I’m going to finish off with a final point. Morale is vital in this situation, so here is the message from the Ukrainian government at the minute, to everyone watching around the world:

Be VERY SUSPICIOUS of any negative news about Ukraine. Russia uses misinformation and propaganda. They will want to damage Ukrainian morale.

Use your social media to spread news of Ukrainian victories. 

Don’t give oxygen to negative stories. Especially since they might not be true.

That’s genuinely something we can do to help. Every victory of Ukraine, blast it far and wide. So on that note, I’ll leave you with this:

Tweet from @NataliaAntonova: Kyiv is under attack.   Meanwhile, my cousin's son managed to score the number of a cute girl in the neighborhood bomb shelter.  Sums up our family very well.  Glory to Ukraine.

Congrats to Natalia Antonova’s cousin’s son. 2022-02-28 07:06:07


Please reblog this just once to show your support wherever you are in the world. This is the 21st Century. Don’t say “this is not in my back yard”, or “not my problem”. This will affect us all in different ways….Stay strong Ukraine!

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