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I saw you at the window with her. How she touched you. I had thought it was an hallucination, but…Jamie Fraser…if you could do such a thing as that–and I don’t mean lying with a woman. I mean doing it and then lying to me about it…well then everything I’ve done and everything that we have is a lie. And I’m not prepared to admit to such a thing. What do you mean, Sassenach? 2022-04-10 21:01:12


I have the hands of a stonemason. I think calluses on a man’s hand are deeply erotic. Aye? Well, I if I dinna have calluses down there, it’s no fault of yours, believe me. Your short hair is also…very arousing. Do you really think so? Aye. It is but one of the things that draws me to you. What are the other things? 2022-04-10 20:11:49


“If you were no longer there, or somewhere….then the sun would no longer come up or go down.”
jamie & claire + the world turn upside down 2022-04-10 19:01:12


“The World Turned Upside Down” SPOILERS ahead.

Yeah, remember when Cait was saying that one of the big challenges was to do some specific intense scenes while pregnant because even though it’s fake your body doesn’t know that? I figured it was the Malva/c-section scene specifically that was exceptionally challenging and that opinion hasn’t changed. I can’t fathom doing cpr on one of those fake baby dolls –they’re horrifically realistic looking, properly weighted, but they’re cold (silicon) and completely limp–while actually pregnant. Wow. I’d also need to go home and have a bath and do the full routine to separate myself from the character. Shit, Cait.

The rest of the ep was so good too, seeing the connection between the two of them and whatnot her never really doubting Jamie, blah blah but knowing how much some scenes stick with you, that last one had to have been so incredibly hard to do. It wouldn’t have been Faith-level, but again doing this one while actually pregnant is something I can’t even fathom.

everythingfox:“This pupper absolutely adores the old man living…


“This pupper absolutely adores the old man living next door and will constantly wait at the window to see if he’s around”

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OUTLANDER | Jamie carrying Claire to safety

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