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Just finished the latest episode of Outlander and can I say I hate how quick people turn on Jamie and Claire. 

In the book it always bothered me that these people who Jamie has helped with providing them with land, food, shelter and Claire with medical treatment and hospitality – turn so quickly on Jamie and Claire. 

Like THE FUCK?! You know these Jamie and Claire. You know their heart. They’ve done so much for you and when Malva accuses of Jamie being her child’s father – you guys immediately believe it. 

Then when the truth comes out – everyone’s like “oh, let’s act like we weren’t being complete dicks to Jamie and Claire and gossiping about them and believing the lies and stand by them, especially Jamie, when they go to battle. 

@callmetargaryen – I’ve felt the *exact* same way ever since I read “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” for the first time back in 2006.

I do think that this shows just how fragile the entire situation on Fraser’s Ridge is – meaning, that unlike when Jamie was a laird back in Scotland and the Lallybroch tenants were bound by blood and obligation, here in the New World those bonds are based on something more tenuous.

After all, the settlers on the Ridge can leave at any time. The king can revoke Jamie’s land grant at any time – especially once it becomes known that he’s for the Rebels.

Keep in mind that Jamie and Claire are Catholic, and Jamie is a pardoned Jacobite, and Claire is widely believed to be a witch. Each of these things are quite dangerous – but the settlers overlook them, for the sake of building a life in this strange new world, and out of gratitude for the land and largesse that’s been given to them.

But at the slightest provocation – all the ugliness that has been overlooked, comes roaring back.

What I will say – is that although things get really, really bad for the Frasers, and although it takes a few books to settle back – when they DO reach that balance again, it’s so beautiful to see precisely because of how hard-won it was. 2022-04-12 19:59:15

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My only bone to pick with episode 6×06, is that over the course of Outlander we’ve been given scenes like this:

and scenes like this:

and when Jamie’s wife, soulmate, love of his life and reason to breathe is LITERALLY ON HER DEATH BED, we get a montage where the most emotional clip is this:

Not to mention it was like half a second long and followed by Roger TELLING Claire that Jamie cried when he saw her hair, and not showing the viewer.

I will not accept it 😭

Seconded. 2022-04-12 08:18:26

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