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sexyexoskeleton:utopians:gaymer-catgirl24:utopians:utopians:“sex scenes have no narrative purpose” is such a funny take on so many levels. people will really believe that the whole human experience is valuable to portray artistically except…

El adiós (1937)

El adiós

En vano el alma
con voz velada
volcó en la noche la pena…
sólo un silencio profundo y grave
lloraba en mi corazón.

En la tarde que en sombras se moría,
buenamente nos dimos el adiós;
mi tristeza profunda no veías
y al marcharte sonreíamos los dos…
y la desolación, mirándote al partir,
quebraba de emoción mi pobre voz,
y el sueño más feliz moría en el adiós
y el cielo (para mí) se oscureció.

Sobre el tiempo transcurrido
vives siempre en mí,
y estos campos que nos vieron
juntos sonreír
me preguntan si el olvido
me curó de ti.
Y entre los vientos
se van mis quejas
muriendo en ecos,
mientras que lejos
otros brazos y otros besos
te aprisionan y me dicen
que ya nunca has de volver.

The Farewell

In vain my soul
in a hushed voice
spilled its pain out into the night…
only a deep, profound silence
wept in my heart.

On an afternoon that was dying in shadows,
we bid each other a good-natured farewell;
you didn’t see my profound sadness
and as you left we both were smiling…
and then desolation, watching as you left,
broke my poor voice with its emotion,
and the happiest dream died in the farewell
and the sky grew dark for me.

Over the time that has transpired
you always live in me,
and these fields that saw us
smiling together
ask me if forgetting
has cured me of you.
And into the winds
go my laments
dying in echoes
searching for you…
while far away
other arms and other kisses
take you prisoner and tell me
that now you never need return. 2022-04-14 12:21:30


“All striving comes from lack, from a dissatisfaction with one’s condition, and is thus suffering as long as it is not satisfied; but no satisfaction is lasting; instead, it is only the beginning of a new striving. We see striving everywhere inhibited in many ways, struggling everywhere; and thus always suffering; there is no final goal of striving, and therefore no bounds or end to suffering.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation 2022-04-14 09:13:42


Unmissable behind the scenes of couples therapy. Definitely we need a second part!! 😄 Credit to: @isabalfeheughan 2022-04-14 09:10:27




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elytrians:elytrians:new tarot card “fuck your entire life” and its a guy being attacked by devils and flaming skulls and wild animals and screaming and fire everywhere

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