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thekimonogallery:At Mount Akagi in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. by…

thekimonogallery:At Mount Akagi in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. by Japanese landscape photographer A.NAGASE @ photo.

thekimonogallery:By Japanese artist まっつぼんぼん @mugimugimuginc


By Japanese artist まっつぼんぼん


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Quinton Reviews’s video on the History Channel’s Hitler obsession is excellent, and this 1 and a half minutes does a better job deconstructing the superhuman aura people have built up around the Nazis than most academic papers on the subject.

If the Nazis were so great, powerful, and intellectually superior, they would have won the war.

why do we so commonly believe that nazis were superior intellectuals and that their human rights abuses were somehow totally necessary? because our fucking government was riddled with them for decades.


There’s this big misconception in modern culture that the Nazis were bad people, but they were bad people at the cost of being superhuman geniuses. This is reflective of the belief that many people have that cruelty is indicitive of hyper-development. People who believe in this often will state that a lot of our modern udnerstanding of biology stems from experiments done by Nazi scientists on the Jewish people.

This is not true in the slightest. There is not authenticity to that at all, and it’s essentially a white supremacist conspiracy theory. That doesn’t mean that if you believe in it you automatically are a white supremacist, it simply means that you are susceptible to propaganda. 

When you actually go back and study all of the things that the Nazis are praised for today, you find not only maliciousness but also stupidity. The Nazis were morons, and this is something people just don’t talk about today. Their ideology of genetic supremacy caused them to be pious, and that led to headstrong tactics that failed them time and time again, because the Third Reich was made up of a bunch of big headed buffoons obssessed with believing in their own worth.

If the Nazis really were geniuses of conflict, if they had technology beyond our wildest understanding, if their skulls swelled constantly to maintain their massively expanding brains, they would have won the fucking war. 2022-04-21 08:01:33


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